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Full Season Conditioning Program

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Would you like your players faster and stronger? Would you like fewer injuries? If the answer is yes, then this CD-ROM (plays on your computer) is just what you need. With video footage of over 60 different exercises and an 11-week soccer-specific conditioning workout program, this CD-ROM makes it easy for you to include conditioning as part of your training sessions.Full Season Conditioning Program contains soccer specific conditioning workouts that you can incorporate into regular training sessions or do as part of a separate strength, speed and agility program. Following this program will increase the Speed, Agility and Strength of your team while also helping to prevent future injuries.

This CD-ROM is organized into two separate sections. The first section contains video footage of all of the soccer drills and exercises. These drills include Warm-up Drills, Strength Exercises, Quick Foot Drills, Medicine Ball Drills, Band Resisted Movement Stabilization, Ball Based Transition to Practice, Conditioning Drills, Ball Agility Drills and a Cool Down routine. The second part outlines an 11 week training program giving a specific number of sets and repetitions for each exercise organized in an efficient and effective way that will maximize the development of your players!

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