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Features & Benefits
  • Improve your team's ability to transition from winning the ball to creating an attack
  • Develop stronger play in the attacking half of the field
  • Develop skills for every position as your players work together to build up attacks in a game-like setting
  • Learn how to improve the fitness level of your players
Building to Win: Attacking Out of the BackBuilding to Win: Attacking Out of the Back
with Brent Ridenour, Ohio Northern University Head Men's Coach;
2012 NCAA D-III National Runner-Up; 2012 Ohio Athletic Conference Champions; 8x OAC Champions, 4x OAC Coach of the Year; 2011 and 2012 NSCAA Great Lakes Regional Coach of the Year

2012 NCAA D-III National Runner-Up Brent Ridenour shows you exercises and games you can use to build a solid attack starting from your back line and including everything from basic passing to game-like scenarios.

Coach Ridenour demonstrates a passing-under-pressure drill that teaches outside backs, center backs and defensive midfielders how to control a ball out of the air while under pressure and how to serve it to a teammate. This drill will help your defenders prepare for opposition from forwards, reducing the chances of getting trapped, blocked, or forced to make an error.

Pressure Passing
Lower the risk of turning the ball over to a forward or passing it out of bounds. As your players become better at passing under pressure, they will be able to look up and find the open spaces needed to move the ball forward. Coach Ridenour demonstrates several exercises that will develop high quality passing out of the back from your defenders. These exercises work on long and short passes as well as balls played on the ground or in the air. Your players will be better able to recognize where pressure is coming from before they win the ball, which will enable them to know where they want to go with the ball ahead of time.

Defensive Midfielders
Gain strength in the key positions that connect your defenders to your forwards. Efficient two-touch passing is essential for defensive midfielders getting the ball out of pressure and distributing it into the attack. Coach Ridenour shows you how to avoid extra touches that can lead to turnovers in the central defensive half of the field. You will see how your defensive midfielders can lose their defender so they can be an option for your team's backs.

Create the Attack
Connect all positions on your team through proper distribution and touches. The Peak-a-Boo drill emphasizes pushing the ball forward and connecting the longest possible pass. This will spread the defense and allow your team to move forward and support the attack.

These training exercises can double as conditioning exercises for your players. When you put everything together, you will be able to consistently move into the final third of the field.

54 minutes. 2013.

Creating to Win: Attacking in the Final ThirdCreating to Win: Attacking in the Final Third
with Brent Ridenour, Ohio Northern University Head Men's Coach;
2012 NCAA D-III National Runner-Up; 2012 Ohio Athletic Conference Champions; 8x OAC Champions, 4x OAC Coach of the Year; 2011 and 2012 NSCAA Great Lakes Regional Coach of the Year

Brent Ridenour, the winningest coach in Ohio Northern Men's Soccer history, teaches you how to create a dominant offense with stronger midfielders and forwards.

In this on-field instructional DVD designed for intermediate to advanced-level players, Coach Ridenour shows exercises for training players to receive the ball, maintain possession, and make a positive play for their team. These drills will help create more chances on goal and will quickly wear down your opponent's defense.

Possession with Pressure
Coach Ridenour provides exercises to train players to receive the ball with their backs to the goal and maintain possession. These exercises will help condition players to:

  • adapt their first touch to avoid a defender on their back and a midfielder coming toward them from the front
  • hold the ball and allow the attack to move forward until there is a good opportunity to distribute a pass
  • shield properly to keep defenders from stealing the ball while your players wait for support

Target & Support
See how your players can work their way through the opposition's defense by providing penetrating passes to teammates. Playing through-balls will help them get the ball to the forwards, and so will passes played to a checking forward. Teach forwards to receive and hold the ball to give the midfielders and wing-backs a chance to push up into the attack. The ability to check the ball's location will also create space between the attacker and the defender, which makes for an easier distribution pass and enables the player to turn and take on a defender.

Combination Play & Filling Space
Learn how to be creative and make it difficult for the defense to read your team's next move. These exercises will help teammates get on the same page when distributing the ball to each other. Discover how your players can make off-the-ball runs and get into open space to receive a ball. They will learn how to avoid making the same runs and being caught off guard or "flat-footed" by a teammate's pass.

Players love to just play. These exercises simulate the decisions they will face in games. By letting your players work together in small groups during practice, they will master the techniques and skills they need to create more chances on goal on game day.

60 minutes. 2013.

Connecting to Win: Putting It All TogetherConnecting to Win: Putting It All Together
with Brent Ridenour, Ohio Northern University Head Men's Coach;
2012 NCAA D-III National Runner-Up; 2012 Ohio Athletic Conference Champions; 8x OAC Champions, 4x OAC Coach of the Year; 2011 and 2012 NSCAA Great Lakes Regional Coach of the Year

Two-time NSCAA Great Lakes Regional Coach of the Year Brent Ridenour shows you a number of games and exercises for teaching team to work together to build attacks. These exercises will enable your players to better understand their roles when attacking and will improve their ability to look up and find their targets.

Coach Ridenour shows several target play exercises that will maintain players' interest level and energy as they constantly move to create space or find the open man. Involving two teams in these exercises adds a defensive element and trains defenders to close down space, while teaching attackers to maneuver around and be more precise with their passes and touches. Your players will gain a better understanding their options and be able to make good decisions.

Learn how to split the field into smaller sections or reduce the overall size of the whole field to work on different offensive and defensive concepts. Challenge your players to move the ball around with confidence and help them recognize their options in game-like situations. Train them to look forward first so that they're not settling for the simple pass, but attacking quickly and efficiently.

Use Coach Ridenour's strategies to enable your team to maintain possession and generate more shots on goal against any defensive pressure or formation.

64 minutes. 2013.

Working to Win: Fitness with the BallWorking to Win: Fitness with the Ball
with Brent Ridenour, Ohio Northern University Head Men's Coach;
2012 NCAA D-III National Runner-Up; 2012 Ohio Athletic Conference Champions; 8x OAC Champions, 4x OAC Coach of the Year; 2011 and 2012 NSCAA Great Lakes Regional Coach of the Year

This season, make sure that your team is the fittest team on the field...every game!

If you're looking for exercises to enhance technical skills and conditioning, this is the DVD for you. Brent Ridenour, coach of the 2012 D-III National Runner-Up Ohio Northern Men's Soccer Team, divides his presentation into three segments, showing you exercises and games that work on the same fitness components that players use in game situations.

Ball Control Fitness
The dribbling exercises in this segment will enhance your players' touches on the ball. Coach Ridenour shows you how to simulate late game "heavy legs" and presents exercises that will help train your players to maintain a good touch late in the game when they are fatigued.

See how you can change the pace of players' movements to imitate the various situations they will face in a match. The pace can be a walk, jog or sprint at any given moment. Coach Ridenour also gives you ideas on how to change the size of the grid depending on the fitness level you are trying to achieve.

Speed & Agility
Coach Ridenour demonstrates speed and agility exercises with the ball that will increase your players' chances of beating the opponent on and off the ball. Improving speed and agility allow your team to move with more confidence and create game-changing plays.

Pass/Receive Exercises
Get clear, concise training that will improve players' passing and receiving touch when they start to get tired. Coach Ridenour shows you exercises for alternating touch, changing pace, and forcing players to use their weak foot to make it tougher for the opposition to defend them. Add more variety to the drill with turns, as well. You'll also get drills to keep your passes crisp and accurate.

Make fitness fun with these exercises from Brent Ridenour. Workouts will be more enjoyable and players will put more effort into them.

45 minutes. 2013.

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