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Features & Benefits
  • Get a complete tactical session enhanced with marker board explanations from 2013 National Championship coach Bobby Clark
  • Learn how to create more opportunities to attack while reducing your opponent's scoring chances
  • Get a complete goalkeeper session from University of Notre Dame men's soccer
Open Practice: Offensive and Defensive TacticsOpen Practice: Offensive and Defensive Tactics
with Bobby Clark, University of Notre Dame Men's Head Coach,
2013 NCAA Champions - first-ever title in Notre Dame men's soccer history;
2013 NSCAA Coach of the Year, 2013 ACC Coach of the Year; 2013 ACC Regular Season Champions; Clark has led the Irish to 12 NCAA Tournament appearances (2001-13)

Bobby Clark, 2013 NCAA Championship Coach, provides an inside look at how his team works on defending and finishing. After a great dynamic warm-up led by Assistant Coach Greg Dalby, the presentation goes right into small-sided games in a grid that work on important offensive and defensive tactics.

This segment focuses on passing, moving and defending in grid. The 3v1 portion trains defenders to step before the pass is made, which can lead to interceptions. Defenders also learn to close down space and limit offensive passing options. In order to be successful, the offense must execute quick, decisive passing.

In 4v2, defenders learn how to work as a team and to dictate the way the game is played. This helps minimize split passes and enables players to transition properly from defense to offense. Players develop the attacking skills needed to keep the defense from adjusting and pressuring the ball.

The final series of games in the grid are progressions that will make offensive and defensive players more confident in a 1v1 situations. As this series progresses, you'll get tips and strategies to train your players to communicate effectively and be able to cover one another better, which can put a stop to any attack. You'll also learn how to turn numbers up or numbers down situations in your favor.

Attacking & Finishing
Notre Dame Associate Head Coach BJ Craig leads the finishing segment of the video. Offensive players will get better at timing their runs, attacking the pressure and using deception to engage the defender away from attacking options. These techniques eliminate off-side issues on your team.

Transition Game
Strategies from the previous segments come together in the transition game. See how players can be better decision makers when defending in transition. Help your players understand how to make trailing runs and support their teammates when pushing forward.

This comprehensive soccer presentation covers the skills and drills for improving offensive and defensive tactics on the soccer field. Use the same concepts that helped Notre Dame Head Coach Bobby Clark lead his team to the 2013 National Championship!

102 minutes. 2014.

Keep Ball Drills for Improving PossessionKeep Ball Drills for Improving Possession
with Bobby Clark, University of Notre Dame Men's Head Coach,
2013 NCAA Champions - first-ever title in Notre Dame men's soccer history;
2013 NSCAA Coach of the Year, 2013 ACC Coach of the Year; 2013 ACC Regular Season Champions; Clark has led the Irish to 12 NCAA Tournament appearances (2001-13)

World-class soccer coach Bobby Clark shows you how to improve your team's possession time. With more time on the ball, your team creates more opportunities in the attack, and reduces opportunities for your opponent. Coach Clark diagrams drills on the whiteboard before demonstrating them on the field, providing a better learning experience for both coaches and athletes.

Keep Ball Transition Grid
These grid drills, which work on possessing in transition, start as a 3v1 and progress to 7v5. They can be used as warm-ups to get players working on quick one- and two-touch passing. Players learn how to support their teammates, and create angles to help them pass out of pressure. The importance of playing a soft pass to draw the defender and then a firm pass to split the defense or to get around them quickly is also discussed.

The "10v6 + 4 Drill" emphasizes seeing the whole field and looking for the open man both near and far. The defenders try to force the turnover by reading and stepping to the offense before a pass is made.

Barcelona Keep Drills
A great first touch creates space and time to decide the best option going forward. Coach Clark demonstrates his adaptations of two drills from one of the world's top club teams, FC Barcelona. These challenging drills will teach players how to maintain possession with limited touches.

Similar to the Barcelona Keep Drill, the Bigger Barcelona Drill focuses on spacing players to make it tougher for the defense to get the ball. This is a great game-like drill that gives options for getting past the defense by working around the opponent, going through the opponent or over the top of the opponent.

Increase possession time with these exceptional keep ball drills. Possess with a purpose and become a team that plays quicker than opponents both on and off the ball.

75 minutes. 2014.

Complete Goalkeeper Training for SoccerComplete Goalkeeper Training for Soccer
with Vern Gingerich, University of Notre Dame Men's Soccer Goalkeeper Coach,
member of the 2013 NCAA Championship coaching staff, played goalkeeper for four years at Trine University

Goalkeeper coach Vern Gingerich shares an inside look at a goalkeeper training session with the University of Notre Dame men's soccer program. Beginning with a dynamic warm-up for goalies, Gingerich offers great ways to get keepers ready to react and handle the ball.

Goalkeeping Basics
Teach your keepers how to get in position to stop any shot. Your goalkeepers will be able to make strong saves, especially when they get their body behind the ball.

Quick Reactions
The key to giving up fewer goals is to be ready at any moment for the shot. Coach Gingerich demonstrates reaction drills that build the goalie's mobility and gets them used to sprinting for a ball. These drills also develop a sense of how to make saves while looking past or through a wall of defenders.

Pull Backs
When the attackers are making a run down the field, especially from the wings, they will try to take the ball to the end line and make a pass across the box to a forward or central midfielder for a shot. This segment trains goalies become better at cutting off passes and angles on any shot taken. Keepers also learn not to cheat out too much anticipating a cross. The need to cover the near post in case of a shot from the wing is also emphasized.

Goalkeepers of all skill levels can benefit from this thorough training session. Watch your keepers become more confident in their actions and better able to make more saves. The clean sheets will add up.

58 minutes. 2014.

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Bobby Clark Championship 3-Pack
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Worth every penny. Bobby provides great detail on both technical and tactical sessions. Must for any coach.

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