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All Access Florida Soccer Practice

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Features & Benefits
  • Learn technical drills that improve passing and first touch
  • Learn offensive and defensive exercises to create width and improve tactics
  • Get "quick-thinking" exercises to increase soccer IQ
  • Learn how to execute the 4-1-4-1 during an in-season practice
with Becky Burleigh, University of Florida Head Coach;
1998 NCAA Champions; 1998 NSCAA National Coach of the Year; 4x SEC Coach of the Year; 12x SEC Champions; over 400 career wins, ranks third among all D-I active coaches in winning percentage

Using proven coaching methods to teach effective tactics is important. Using those tactics to win is even better. This All-Access video showcases the University of Florida Women's training sessions. Each disc features a complete practice session and includes player-coach discussions on how to improve individual and team performance.

Disc 1:
Key coaching points presented in this session include:

  • Walking players through their offensive and defensive roles and responsibilities on goal kicks
  • Identifying where to hold the line of defense on free kicks
  • Recognizing key situations that will help your team play out of trouble
  • Coaching small-sided tactics to improve team technical speed
  • Understanding timing and positioning of attackers when making scoring runs
  • Increasing the number of scoring opportunities that start from flank play

In this practice session, the coaching staff demonstrates effective ways to defend against your opponent's goal kicks and shows how to initiate the attack from your own team's goal kicks. Also included are teaching points on attacking and defending free kicks near the goal as well as tips on handling common situations that your players encounter during special situations.

Disc 2:
Key coaching points presented in this session include:

  • Implementing small-sided, competitive drills and games to increase individual technique and team competitiveness
  • Using quick passes to take advantage of numbers-up situations
  • Training players to think quickly and play through tight spaces
  • Reinforcing tactical objectives with players

The emphasis in this practice session is possession in the 4-1-4-1 formation. By building from small-sided games up to full-field training scrimmages, you learn how these coaching points apply to the 11v11 training scrimmage. You'll also see a limited space possession game that encourages quick touches and even quicker decision-making. The practice session progresses to a numbers-up, 7v3 possession game that reinforces the short pass possession game.

Disc 3:
Key coaching points presented in this session include:

  • Coaching small-sided tactics to improve team technical speed
  • Using purposeful repetition to gain technical skill and improve fitness
  • Understanding timing and positioning of attackers when making scoring runs
  • Reinforcing tactical objectives
  • Increasing the number of scoring opportunities that start from flank play

This practice session focuses on scoring and creating scoring chances. The coaching staff takes the team from technical skill building to full-team tactics as they train to increase scoring opportunities. The session starts with an efficient passing drill that improves first touch and speed of play. A session on individual and competitive heading follows. These skills are then rolled into a scoring game that incorporates technical skill drills into winning team tactics.

Disc 4:
Key coaching points presented in this session include:

  • Coaching individual techniques and tactics to create space
  • Using shadow play and training dummies to learn effective passing patterns
  • Training players to look for their next target as they receive the ball
  • Reinforcing tactical objectives

In the final disc in the "All-Access Florida Soccer Practice Series," the Gators' focus on possession and building up the attack through quick passing and even quicker decision-making. Coach Burleigh breaks down the game into small, manageable segments to prepare the team for fast, technical play. Two games are then used to keep technical play at a premium while encouraging the team to develop good tactical choices. See how the Gators' coaching staff uses these techniques in possession and attacking games. The 5v5 possession game develops the speed and accuracy required of a top NCAA program. The 9v6 game puts pressure on defenders while attackers learn to use space and visual cues to penetrate to the goal.

Help your team get a winning edge by covering important game-day details during your training sessions.

291 minutes (4 DVDs). 2014.

All Access videos are designed to allow viewers from all over the world to see how successful coaches run their practices in a "live" practice setting. All Access videos allow viewers to see the practices un-edited and in real-time. You will see how top coaches run their drills, interact with their team and staff, how they motivate their team, the cue words they use, the atmosphere of the practice and how practices are structured from day to day. Many coaches visit successful colleges and high schools to watch practice. But if you live out of state or out of the country, visiting another coach's practice can be costly. That's why we created the All Access Practice Series of videos -- to bring the practices to you!

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Ratings & Reviews

All Access Florida Soccer Practice
on July 11, 2016
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

I've admired Coach Burleigh for a long time and was excited to purchase the All Access video by her. This is a real treat if you enjoy studying the nuances of different coaches, how they coach, how their practices are set up and so on. This gave me some great reinforcement of some things but I gained several new drills and I was reminded how important approach and practice balance is to run a good session. Highly recommend.

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All Access Florida Soccer Practice
on May 5, 2014
  • Currently 2/5 Stars.
2/5 Stars

by WalterOglesby13

Maybe I went through the first pass too fast, but the advertising written list just didn't jump out at me. I will be able to use the warm up drills only after watching for several minutes. Best thing I can say is to my girls is that this is what Florida uses so quit complaining. A high level coach might get the ideas, but a mid level high school soccer coach like me will have to watch over and over to pick up the fine points as mentioned in advertisement. I will say that the coaching method agreed with the coaching clinics
where they say let the game do the teaching. Also new words as play soccer don't play the drill. A quick marker board description for the drills would have helped me. As for setting up for goal kicks, again a short explanation with a marker board of what the idea that are trying to accomplish would help. Something along the lines of "Championship Progression for Individual and Team Attacking" by Betty Ann Kempf-Townsley is a more what I need.

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