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Features & Benefits
  • Create an effective practice with an ideal culture
  • Learn how to create a positive competitive spirit with your team
  • Learn how to better train your team for handling pressure situations
with Kathleen DeBoer,
American Volleyball Coaches Association Executive Director;
former Division I Coach of the Year, Olympic Team Advisor, and successful University Fundraiser.

In this enlightening Five-Section coaching DVD, Kathleen DeBoer takes you through a lesson in gender response as it pertains to practice situations. She purposefully generalizes behavioral characteristics of both men/boys and women/girls to help illustrate her points.

  • Section 1: Effective Motivation; Trigger positive results in both males and females by motivating them "in their language."
  • Section 2: Acceptance, Performance, and Struggle; pertinent issues that relate to peer acceptance, leadership development, and motivational strategies to prepare an athlete for a focused battle.
  • Section 3: Action vs. Interaction; recommendations for structuring practices to achieve a balance between drills that develop skills and those that teach competitiveness.
  • Section 4: Responsibility; stages that males and females go through before they are prepared mentally and socially to take responsibility for their own skill execution and competitive results.
  • Section 5: Comfortableness vs. Edginess; understand how to cycle your athletes into and out of high pressure situations in practice to better prepare them for competition.
This DVD will help you understand the impact of gender differences on practice situations thereby increasing the effectiveness of your training. By teaching them both skills and competitiveness you will empower your athletes with the abilities to get things done.

48 minutes. 2002.

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Surviving Practices: Creating a Winning Practice Environment Through Gender Understanding
on August 13, 2013
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

This is an excellent DVD. Kathleen does a great job of getting into the differences between male and female athletes, as well as providing some strategies or approaches for working with your team based on gender. This is definitely a worthwhile DVD to own.

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