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Sport Performance Preparation: Fit, Fast & Flexible - Drills for Year-Round Performance Training

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Features & Benefits
  • This video, in conjunction with Volume 1, can offer year round preparation for multitudes of sports in ALL AREAS of Strength and Conditioning
  • Athletes - see your acceleration improve & move more athletically after completing agility drills and flexibility training
  • Athletes - see year round improvements in athleticism: strength, power, speed
  • Athletes - stop wondering what the best methods for preparation are: commit to proven system that worked for college athletes from all sporting areas
  • Athletes - see what many colleges do in terms of testing, and get a better sense of how to prepare for your evaluation
  • Coaches - this is a single resource that will offer you multitudes of ideas for adding variety to practices, implementing agility, speed, and flexibility. Teach a proper warm up and dynamic flexibility routine. This will help you connect the dots integrating performance preparation with your practices
with Barry Kagan (C.S.C.S., L.M.T., R.N.) earned a Master's Certification from the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association in 2008, a private practice strength and conditioning coach;
former University of Maryland Strength Coach, coached over 100 NCAA All-Americans, 15 NCAA National Championship Teams, played a role in the development of more than a dozen Olympians, 3 Men's FIFA World Cup players, over 50 professional athletes in numerous sports. For more information on Barry visit

In the third video in Barry Kagan's Sport Performance Preparation Series, Coach Kagan offers 21/2 hours of video footage and multitudes of embedded materials focused on preparing the athlete beyond the weight room.

What you get...
Coaches: A pool of exercises that will keep you tooled up for years to come. Includes video demonstrations of multitudes of agility drills and a printable diagram booklet. The conditioning drillsare thoroughly explained and include and a color coded manual that explains how to set up, implement and figure out proper dimensions on the court or on the field.

Athletes: The confidence to perform at the next level! You'll beable to step into your next preseason in better shape, more explosive, with better agility than ever before, or to walk on to a collegiate team with knowledge that you have prepared to the level of your teammates - you are armed with the most comprehensive off-season training program on the market!Improve your acceleration with speed mechanics and speed training drills, maximize your power and explosiveness by following the progressions of plyometircs, see your sport performance capability skyrocket as you commit to the wealth of video demonstrations, diagrams, and workout plans for improving agility. Get comfortable with more advanced stretching techniques and feel the difference it makes in your body!

Segments on this video include substantive introductions and numerous drills and exercises focused on:

  • Speed Mechanics and Dynamic Warm Ups
  • Plyometrics
  • Speed training (linear speed and acceleration)
  • Agility training (non-linear speed and acceleration)
  • Conditioning drills
  • Flexibility
Kagan has embedded a tremendous amount of training material:
  • Conditioning manual to guide proper administration of drills
  • Agility manual listing format of drills that can be printed for use on the field on training days
  • The Start Here guide that instructs the athlete with easy to follow flow charts that determine which program to implement based on the timing in their year round preparation.
  • 15 weeks of off-season strength and performance training guides for each of the Performance Pathways: Distance Sports, Field Sports, Court Sports and Strength and Power Sports
  • Presentation on helping a multi sport athlete prioritize their training
  • In-season lifting programs that can be used with most sports to maintain the gains you achieve in the off-season
  • Templates for sport coaches and performance coaches to set weekly and seasonal goals, make lift cards, adapt training calendars to specific needs of your sport.
Barry Kagan's Sport Performance Preparation Series contains all the tools necessary to take athletes to the next level in their athletic pursuits. The five part video series contains nearly 15 hours of footage and over 70 files of bonus materials that can guide an athlete from the start of off-season preparation to the completion of post-season play. The athletes used on the video are some of the top athletes in their respective sports in the country - soccer, track, lacrosse, wrestling, swimming, field hockey, baseball and more.

148 minutes. 2013.

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Ratings & Reviews

Sport Performance Preparation: Fit, Fast & Flexible - Drills for Year-Round Performance Training
on July 25, 2013
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

Overall an excellent DVD! Covers a wide range of sports performance topics: dynamic warm ups, plyometrics, acceleration, agility, conditioning and flexibility. Great explanations of why the athlete is doing the different exercises and what they are expected to get out of each. The section on testing ideas was short but had some good ideas for evaluating athletes so they can see improvement. Just a warning that the DVD is quite long and a little slow at times, but it is filled with good information, lots of good drills and can easily watched in different sections at different times. As someone who is going to be teaching a Sports Performance class for Phys. Ed., I found the DVD very helpful.

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