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Grip Strength for Enhanced Sports Performance

Grip Strength for Enhanced Sports Performance
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with Wade Gillingham,
Professional Strongman and Grip Master

Gillingham demonstrates 30 exercises that will help to increase grip strength and improve sports performance for athletes at any level in any sport! Destroying the common myth that grip strength is natural, Gillingham breaks down lower arm strength into seven categories including:

  • Warm up and Dexterity - Aids injury prevention and hand control.
  • Gym Lifts - Different bar grips to use in the gym.
  • Crushing Grip - Universal for all sports - focusing on the hands and fingers in a dynamic range of motion.
  • Supporting Grip - Focuses on forearm development.
  • Finger Strength - Focuses on the smaller muscles and tendons of the fingers.
  • Pinch Grip - Essential for combative sports that require gripping without the benefit of a "handle".
  • Wrist Strength - Critical for every sport!
Gillingham then discusses "Grip Program Considerations", including hand preparation, appropriate sets and reps, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. In the final segment, "Application to Sport", Gillingham offers sample workouts and a breakdown of appropriate exercises for six different types of sports: Contact sports, grappling sports, athletes that play with a racket or stick, court sports, strongman, and power lifting/weightlifting athletes. Enhancing grip strength is a great way to give your athletes a competitive edge!

38 minutes. 2005.

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Grip Strength for Enhanced Sports Performance

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