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  • Improve your Lacrosse coaching!
  • Over 30 proven drills to improve lacrosse skills and conditioning
  • Over 40 drills to improve your shooting
  • Drills you can use at practice or at home to make yourself a better lacrosse player
  • Combine your goalie warm ups with a skill progression to maximize practice time
The Complete Guide to the Face-OffThe Complete Guide to the Face-Off
with Tony Seaman, Denver Outlaws General Manager;
engineered a team that set 10 MLL records in 2013 on its way to become the first in MLL history, and just the fourth team in North American major pro sports, to finish a season undefeated;
former Towson University Head Coach;
3X National Coach of the Year (of only two coaches to have been honored as the National Coach of the Year at two different schools);
over 250 career wins; 1994 United States National Team Head Coach (World Champions)

The face-off in lacrosse is the start of everything; if you can control the face-off you can control the game. In this DVD, Tony Seaman leads you through everything involved in the face-off from the stance to wing play after winning a face-off. Seaman starts off with live demonstrators showing you the basics of the face-off including stick handling, stance, and body position that will give you an advantage over your opponent. Seaman uses his demonstrators to highlight three different types of face-off moves: "The Clamp", "The Top", and "The Rake". With every move he shows all the footwork and hand movement involved, where to release the ball after you have won the face-off, how to block out, and how to go after the ball. To develop great face-off skills, Seaman shows 11 drills to use to improve quickness, technique, balance, strength, flexibility, and "the most important aspect of the face-off" - anticipation! These are drills that you can do on your own or 1-on-1. Seaman wraps up this great DVD by diagramming player positioning, strategies, and philosophy for wing play after a face-off.

50 minutes. 2005.

30 Essential Practice Drills for Lacrosse30 Essential Practice Drills for Lacrosse
with Jim Berkman, Salisbury University Head Coach; 2016 DIII National Champions;
All-time winningest coach in men's lacrosse history (over 450 wins);
11x National Championship Coach (D-III); including five championships in six years (2003-08);
3x Division III National Coach of the Year (2012, 1991, 2008);
distinguished member of the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame (2013); has coached 9 national players of the year

Get the most out of your practice time with game-speed drills that combine skill development with a conditioning element.

Jim Berkman, 2008 NCAA D-III National Coach of the Year, opens up his practice notebook and demonstrates over 30 drills to develop complete lacrosse players. These game-like drills run the gamut from individual skills work to small sided games to full field scrimmages.

Berkman's drills reinforce ground ball play, clearing in unsettled situations, rotation defense, stick speed and hand quickness, shooting in a tight space, breaking out wide, up field vision, recognizing rides and much more.

His drills create a fast-paced practice that eliminates down time and will teach your players to play at a pace that will take your opponents out of their comfort zone.

These drills will put your players in game-like situations forcing them to play fast and improving their mental focus, their lacrosse IQ and their physical effort. By improving your squad's lacrosse IQ, your team will appear faster on the field. They will see things develop, instead of reacting to what happens.

Incorporate these proven, time-tested drills and maximize your time on the practice field.

74 minutes. 2010.

How to Create a Great Shooter and Individual PlayerHow to Create a Great Shooter and Individual Player
with Jim Berkman, Salisbury University Head Coach; 2016 DIII National Champions;
All-time winningest coach in men's lacrosse history (over 450 wins);
11x National Championship Coach (D-III); including five championships in six years (2003-08);
3x Division III National Coach of the Year (2012, 1991, 2008);
distinguished member of the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame (2013); has coached 9 national players of the year

Jim Berkman, the all-time winningest coach in NCAA men's lacrosse history, shows you how to fine-tune your shooting, stickwork and face-off skills, to improve your offensive output. He details how to set-up each drill so that you can get hundreds of reps in a short amount of time to maximize your practice period.

Coach Berkman divides this instructional lacrosse DVD into three parts: Shooting, face-offs and offensive plays. Each section is loaded with tips and strategies to improve your team's offensive skills.

The shooting section features over 40 drills to improve your shooting mechanics. These drills work on finishing inside; shooting in a tight situation; hands, head and stick fakes; shooting on the run and more. Berkman also includes a wall drills series that can be done individually to sharpen your players' stickwork and "make the stick an extension of their arm."

In the face-off section, Berkman delivers drills to win the whistle every time. These reaction drills will strengthen your players' center of gravity, coordination, and force them to keep their head down and eyes on the ball - all of which will allow them to get a good scoop for possession. A wing player series is included to help strengthen box out skills.

In addition, Coach Berkman opens his playbook and shares 14 plays (including the play used to win the 2003 National Championship in overtime) that you can incorporate into your offense. Plays include quick hitters, isos, two-man pick game, pick the picker and more.

Improve your offensive performance this year with these championship drills and plays.

45 minutes. 2010.

Explosive Skills & Drills for Offensive LacrosseExplosive Skills & Drills for Offensive Lacrosse
with Nick Myers,
Ohio State University Head Coach;
2016 U.S. Men's National Under-19 Team Head Coach;
2014 ECAC regular season co-champions; 2013 ECAC Tournament Champions

Develop an explosive dodge, a quick, deceptive shot and get the ball on net more consistently.

Nick Myers, Head Coach at The Ohio State University breaks down the fundamental skills and drills that coaches and athletes can use to become a complete offensive lacrosse player. The skills covered include stick work, shooting, and dodging. Myers takes you through each skill by breaking it down as well as explaining how each drill is important to the skill development.

Myers shows you how to set up your stick and how to create a pocket to successfully dodge, shoot and bang the ball around the horn. Learn the basics of delivering a crisp, hard pass and the essentials to catching.

Go to the wall with a purpose! Develop explosive hands for throwing, shooting and finishing. Included are warm up drills and an eight-part wall ball workout that delivers a competitive progression of skills. This workout includes one cradle, quick sticks, one hand-one cradle, catch & switch, grounders, shovels, cross-hands, and backhands. Effectively use the wall to build muscle and develop a stronger stick.

Learn to change up your shot and use deception to make the most of each scoring opportunity. To help your players become complete shooters, Myers demonstrates the finer points of shooting form, types of shots, shots on the run and finishing opportunities. Myers demonstrates the basic skills and drills needed to develop quick hands and to get more shots on-cage.

Breakdown the defense by forcing them to slide, move and rotate. Myers shows you how you can create an explosive, physical dodge.Learn essential speed ladder drills to train effective footwork, speed and explosiveness. Myers teaches the basics of dodging and demonstrates four different types of dodges: the split dodge, the roll dodge, the face dodge and the swim dodge.

Myers also delivers instruction on:

  • The long dodge
  • How to read a slide
  • How to play out of a double team
  • Quick dodges from the back side
  • Four moves you can use behind the cage

Myers uses unique skill cues to teach his techniques that are sure to resonate with your players. He uses golf analogies to teach shot selection and uses Play Station language to teach dodging.

To be the best player and the best coach you must be a student of the game. This DVD will teach you develop the fundamental skills and drills you need to become to become an offensive force on your team.

121 minutes. 2010.

Progressive Skill Development Warm-Up for GoaliesProgressive Skill Development Warm-Up for Goalies
with Phil Barnes,
University of North Carolina Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach; 2013 NCAA Women's Champions

Use this effective warm up progression to touch on every aspect of goalkeeping throughout the week.

UNC Assistant Coach Phil Barnes shares his knowledge on how to warm up lacrosse goalkeepers. This video will help you get the most out of your goalkeepers with simple and effective drills;

  • Stepping - Improve your first step to get to the ball quicker. This drill trains the stick and feet to get to the seven defensive areas. Focuses on a quick and clean stick turnover.
  • Shots - Perfect the movements that will help your goalie see the shots and take a correct arc. Your goalie will see shots from all angles - high shots, mid shots, low shots, bounce shots and shots from anywhere.
  • Side-to-side - Shooters move side-to-side exposing any holes the goalie doesn't have covered. Ensures the goalie is focused - not moving ahead or falling behind the shooter.
  • Crease - Give your goalies a good footwork warm up and a look at all of the shots they will see around the crease.
  • Low to High Feed from X - Works on finding the shooter and following the flight of the ball.
  • Low to High outside X - Teaches the goalie to follow passes while keeping their footwork sharp and their hips open.
  • Sweeps - Helps the goalie recognize traditional vs 90 degree sweeps - working on timing and angle of the arc.
  • 45 Degree Side to Side - Preps the goalie to stop shots moving side-to-side and to get to each side quickly as they can with proper footwork.
Coach Barnes gives great insight into how you can run these drills while also recognizing possible flaws in your goalies' techniques.

This video will help develop your goalie's performance in the net and in turn help improve your team's future success.

75 minutes. 2010.

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