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  • Improve your Lacrosse coaching!
  • Learn from John Danowski!
  • Take your team to the next level!
  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
with John Danowski, Duke University Men's Lacrosse Coach;
Back-to-Back NCAA Champions (2014 & 2013);
3x NCAA Men's Champs! 2007 NCAA Runner-Up; 2007 ACC Coach of the Year; 3x ACC regular season and tournament champions, and over 300 career wins

This DVD on lacrosse training will prepare your team to be its best on the field on game day. The primary focus of strength training is the prevention and reduction of injuries. A secondary benefit is that players become stronger and leaner. Exercises include lunges, high knees, backward lunge, high knee skips, butt kicks, shuffle, carioca, back pedal, frog jumps and 10 distinct ladder exercises. In four lines, players execute the turn and sprint drill. This drill works on firing off the line as you open your hips. The center of gravity should be almost directly over the point that your foot lands as your turn. Rotational acceleration is another key concept for the Duke Lacrosse team. This must be done with the chest and head up in a good athletic stance. Additional exercises in this program are lateral bounds, speed skater sprint, and lateral mirror. The strength-training component of this program highlights a typical Monday workout program in the Duke weight room.

41 minutes. 2007.

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Ratings & Reviews

Speed, Agility & Strength Training for Championship Lacrosse
on November 20, 2007
by david675

3/5 stars overall
There are 2 parts in this DVD: footwork and strength training.

For footwork, I'd give 4/5 stars. On some of the drills, their speed coach shows the proper form while the other drills the students just go and do it ie the ladder drills.

For strength training, I'd rate 2/5 stars. I'm rather disappointed. They didn't have their certified trainer explain proper form nor why certain exercises are done. This portion is literally just students working out. They even showed footage of a student bench pressing, but was arcing his lower back up to give him more power. Anyone that knows proper bench press form knows that THIS WILL INJURE YOU!! How can I trust the other form being shown? Even worse, kids out there will think arcing your lower back is ok. Of course, it's good to know what workouts they do, but now I have to research proper form and find a trainer who can make sure I'm doing it right.

I didn't feel the makers of this DVD put a lot of time to make it as "instructional" as it could be. They basically just had a camera guy record a day in the life of. Other instructional DVDs will have someone constantly explain proper form/why they do certain drills etc.

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