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Jack Kaley: Pressure Zone Defense

Jack Kaley: Pressure Zone Defense
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  • Currently 2.50/5 Stars.
2.50/5 Stars (6 Reviews)
  • Stifle opponents with a proven pressure zone defense
  • Cut off the passing lanes more effectively
  • Learn powerful adjustments that will keep your team ready for anything

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with Jack Kaley,
former New York Institute of Technology Head Lacrosse Coach;
2008 NCAA Division II Men's Lacrosse National Champions;
4X NCAA Div. II Coach of the Year, 4X NCAA National Champions,
All-time Winningest Coach in Division I and Division II (84.3%); 450+ wins;
Team USA Assistant Coach,
German National Team Head Coach

Introduction by Bill Harkins,
Florida State University Head Lacrosse Coach,
German National Team Assistant Coach

Coaches Kaley and Harkins collaborate to bring you this outstanding DVD on Pressure Zone Defense. Coach Kaley shares his philosophy behind his successful pressure zone defense. Overall, this philosophy is based on three elements: offense, defense and riding. All three are geared to force the opposition to make specific preparation for Kaley-coached teams. Pressure and cutting off passing lanes are the keys to this aggressive approach. Through a marker board presentation and on-field demonstrations, Kaley highlights three pressure spots: two top, two side, and crease behind. He stresses the value of practicing 6 vs. 5, leading up to implementing the team zone attack. Adjustments have been a big part of Kaley's philosophy and winning program. He shares his most powerful adjustments as he describes the Black call, Fire call, and the 500's. An all out application of pressure is the result of the "Red" call. An experienced strategist, Kaley feels that his adjustments make opponents adjust to him. The Pressure Zone Defense is one of the major aspects of his incredible success in collegiate lacrosse! Developed by combining pressure to his winning "man down" scheme, this defense will provide an edge to the coaches who adopt it.

30 minutes. 2006.

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Ratings & Reviews

Jack Kaley: Pressure Zone Defense
on December 14, 2012
  • Currently 1/5 Stars.
1/5 Stars

by broski

Let me preface this with I played at a top HS, D1 and a year under Kaley at NYIT. This video should be 2 hours, 1 1/2 if Jack stops stuttering "OK" every 30 seconds. The video goes over the very very bare minimum that it should. It does not go over pressuring Adjacent (RED) shut off (Black) and cutting the opponents top threat (500). It also only goes over formation in a 3-2-1. NO 1-4-1, 22, or 2-4. Also "Perimeter Dodging" is called carrying the ball, which took me a while to figure out what he was talking about. If you are a novice coach, this will be a waste of your money. If you played for several top caliber programs you should be able to figure it out, but $40!!! this is worth $9.98 at best. It also took 2 weeks to get to me.

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Jack Kaley: Pressure Zone Defense
on July 24, 2012
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
3/5 Stars

by Anonymous

the DVD is short and covers only a few situations. I did get some good ideas from it but if youalready know zone defense some there wasn't much to learn from the presentation

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Jack Kaley: Pressure Zone Defense
on February 23, 2012
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

I disagree that this is a bad video or that it is just man-down plus an extra man. At a high level, it's true that this is man-down plus an extra man, but the video does a good job *showing* how to play a pressure zone. You could read about it, but seeing it helped us a lot. We use the same principles for our 3-3 zone, man-down and backer zone. If you coach defense and want to run a zone or a pressure zone, this video can help show you how to do it. The backer should be run with a long pole, and the video did NOT discuss how they get the 4th longpole in on defense or if they bump a middie down to wing defense in order to get the LP as the backer. Regardless, this is a good video for defensive coaches.

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Jack Kaley: Pressure Zone Defense
on March 28, 2011
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

Great video! Not sure which video the other reviewer was watching but this video was OUTSTANDING! Coach Kaley explains in detail via a whiteboard the specifics for each defensive player- crease man, backer, wings. Then shows video of how this works during a demo. I have seen many instructional videos. This is one of the best! Great work Coach Kaley!!

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Jack Kaley: Pressure Zone Defense
on February 11, 2008
by Frank B.Clay Jr.259

I hate to disagree with the previous reviewer, but ..... If you understand that it is man down with an "extra man", there is not much more you need to know. The only real trick is that with an open offense (circle/wheel) then you must rotate to the ball.

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Jack Kaley: Pressure Zone Defense
on December 11, 2007
  • Currently 1/5 Stars.
1/5 Stars

by BretThibault822

This is bad, which is so disappointing because it had the potential to be amazing. I have seen his defense in action, so was excited to learn about it. Instead, this is a cursory explanation. I actually learned more by watching the few videos of the defense that it had, about 8 minutes total, than listening to the white board explanation. Unfortunately, there is nowhere near enough information given in this video to run the defense. At the end of the video he gives an email address and a phone number to ask him for more information. Neither of them works. To top it all off, the production value is basically nonexistent. I counted him saying “ok” over 100 times in the video, before I stop counting. Also, at one point he confuses the offensive and defensive players on the white board, so it becomes impossible to understand what he is talking about. To summarize, this video does not given enough information to actually run the defense, there is no way to get more information, and the editing takes even more away from what information is given.

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Jack Kaley: Pressure Zone Defense

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