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  • Get a high volume of shots with good technique in your practices
  • Learn to pick drills that mimic your offense and how that will make your practices more efficient
  • Make the most of your warm-up time with 5 drills that simultaneously improve fundamentals
with John Nostrant,
The Haverford School Head Lacrosse Coach,
2011 LaxPower High School Boys Lacrosse National Champion,
2x State Champion, 300+ wins as a high school coach, 2008 Gold Medalist on USA U-19 World Team Staff,
3x All-American mid fielder at Washington College, 2x NLL All Pro
and Mark Petrone, Assistant Lacrosse Coach, The Haverford School

Make the most of your precious practice time using these efficient shooting drills.

In this on field presentation, Mark Petrone provides three steps to choosing the best shooting drills for your team. He lays out the objectives for getting as much skill work done during these drills as possible.

Petrone takes the team through an efficient five drill warm up. Each drill incorporates fundamentals and gives the players shots from different positions. These drills include: passing and shooting on a target, in-tight shooting with a fake, 3-man shooting, 2-shots with a dodge, and 2-shots with an off-ball move. These drills provide a variety of shots, allow for constant movement, and improve shooting technique.

Next, the team practices shots out of their offensive system or set play action. Coach Petrone starts with a drill called the "Island Curl" that works on getting shots on the run from the bottom-up. The next series of drills includes fade shooting, yo-yo shooting (give and go), and finally a figure 8 conditioning shooting drill.

Get a variety of offensive skill work-off-ball cutting, shooting on the run, dodging--each time you take the field using these proven drills!

32 minutes. 2011.

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