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Building a Championship Practice Environment

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with Dom Starsia,
former University of Virginia Head Coach;
; 2011 NCAA Champions;
2011 F. Morris Touchstone Division I Head Coach of the Year (3-time winner of the award);
4x National Champions (2011, 2006, 2003, 1999);
7X ACC Coach of the Year (winningest coach in conference history);
National Lacrosse Hall of Fame (2008)

Join Coach Dom Starsia as he maps out a successful practice routine using marker-board instruction and on-field demonstration. Starsia utilizes his philosophy of "perfect practice makes perfect", which has resulted in great success for Starsia-coached teams, including two NCAA Championships! These competitive drills will upgrade the quality of your practices, and will also help define your team's performance. The DVD covers practice drills, repetition of skills and tactics, and developing habits that will enable any team to automatically repeat them in game situations. Included are pre-practice drills, build-up drills for offense vs. defense, full field and team play drills and 3 v. 2, 2 v. 2 drills and exchanges. In addition to these drills, Coach Starsia creates different options and situations to be formed to fit the needs of your team; for instance, a practice environment where players are competing against each other, which simulates the atmosphere they will encounter in games. Learn more valuable stick work to help your players perform under pressure and in game situations. Live shooting on the goalies and simulations of the principles of team play are featured in this outstanding DVD.

56 minutes. 2006.

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Building a Championship Practice Environment
on October 12, 2010
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
3/5 Stars

by pblax

I like Coach Starsia but this video was really tough and should have been edited better. I would suggest start watching at 37 minutes into the video (seriously) when they are on the field then watch to the end then go back and watch the first 37 minutes of white boarding. The video covers a lot of scramble, mandown, and clearing from shooting drills, and utilizes half and full field drills to convey the drills. Ideally it would have been an easier to watch video if Champion Productions took the Coaches whiteboard session of the drill and then showed the field portion of that drill, then the next drill, etc. but 37 minutes of whiteboarded drills too start and you and coach appear to get lost. As for content, if you watch the last 18 minutes first you will see good drills that can be used at the middle school to high school or college level. Then after watching the on field portion go back and watch the white board where he tries to explain what he will be doing with about 20 players on the field in the drill. Just not enough space on white board to make his drills easy to follow. So good content, bad production and editing by Championship Productions, in spite of it if you watched it field portion first (start at 37 minutes in)then go back and watch from the beginning with the whiteboard and then watch field portion again you could get what Coach was trying to convey

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