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We've packaged together all the essentials needed to coach hockey with confidence this year! All for only $99.88! A 'new coach-friendly' savings of $44.96!
The Ultimate Hockey Drill Book, Vol. IIIThe Ultimate Hockey Drill Book, Vol. III
by Richard Trimble

Richard Trimble's The Ultimate Hockey Drill Book, Volume III is an excellent complement to his two previous, popular editions (Volumes I and II), and contains 200 all-new creative, innovative, and diverse drills divided into 9 Chapters. Chapter 1: Warm-ups: Pre-practice, Pre-game & Conditioning. Chapter 2: One-on One Drills of All Shapes and Kinds, Chapter 3: Passing Drills. Chapter 4: Shooting Drills. Chapter 5: Goalie Drills On & Off-Ice. Chapter 6: Skating and Puck Control Drills. Chapter 7: Positional Skills Drills. Chapter 8: Drills for Systems Play. Chapter 9: Off-Ice & Dryland Training. Each drill is diagrammed, identified with the skill to be enhanced, and explained in detail. This is THE new drill book you have been waiting for! (Comb-bound for coaching versatility!)

254 pages. 2004.

Bertagna Goaltending Series: Fundamentals of GoaltendingBertagna Goaltending Series: Fundamentals of Goaltending
with Joe Bertagna, Director of the Bertagna Goaltending School,
Commissioner of Hockey East, Executive Director of the American Hockey Coaches Association,
and former Boston Bruins (NHL) and '94 U.S. Olympic Team goaltending coach

Learn from the best! World-renowned goaltending coach Joe Bertagna has designed Goaltending Basics to highlight the essential ingredients toward becoming a successful goaltender! Segment 1: Basic stance: basic stance, butterfly stance, and smothering stance. Segment 2: Movement: forward/backward, shuffle, and T-glide movements. Segment 3: Recovery ability: working up and down, on the stomach, and on the side recovery skills. Segment 4: Save techniques with detailed guidelines for positioning, defending, and making the appropriate choice of equipment for a shot on goal. Segment 5: Game situations: change of directions, poke checks, tying up the puck, cover-ups, and defending the wraparound, puck handling for behind-the-net strategies, techniques for leaving the puck in a desirable position, screen situations, and breakaways. Segment 6: Mental aspects: details the role of the coach in keeping the goaltender in the proper state of mind and offers mental techniques and strategies to maintain an edge!

57 minutes. 2002.

Shooting and Passing: Techniques and StrategiesShooting and Passing: Techniques and Strategies
with Pat Duggan,
St. Louis AAA Amateur Blues Head Coach

In the first part of this three part hockey DVD, Stationary Shots, Pat Duggan teaches, coaches, and demonstrates eight different shots from a stationary position on the ice including: wrist, snap, pull-in snap, slap, pass shot, flip shot, backhand and backhand chip. Coach Duggan breaks down each shot into proper body position, hand position on the stick, the shot and follow-through along with strategies on targeting and shot situations. In Part 2, Moving Shots, Duggan repeats his strategic and technical instruction while moving on the ice. The moving shots are: wrist, snap, pull-in snap, slap shot, one time, and backhand. Duggan's personal demonstrations are followed by demonstrations from varied age demonstrators. In Part 3, Passes, Duggan continues his technical and strategic instruction including pass receive strategies and presents the following passes; forehand, saucer, backhand, drop and bump pass off the board. In Part 4, Drills, Duggan runs his demonstrators through four hockey drills that incorporate shooting and passing.

30 minutes. 2005.

70 Ultimate Drills and Skills: Stickhandling, Puck Control, Moves & Fakes70 Ultimate Drills and Skills: Stickhandling, Puck Control, Moves & Fakes
with Pat Duggan,
St. Louis AAA Amateur Blues Head Coach

In this comprehensive drill-packed hockey DVD, Coach Pat Duggan shares more than 70 hockey drills to improve puck skills!

Duggan includes detailed teaching on both technical and strategic components of puck handling followed by skill and drill demonstration with various age group players.

Duggan also shares game scenarios where sound puck skills will prove advantageous to the player.

This four part DVD includes:

  • Part 1: Puck Control. Duggan shares 26 drills that will help teach and challenge players at any level learn to control the puck in both stationary and skating situations.
  • Part 2: Stickhandling. Duggan shares five drills that enable players to stickhandle in controlled and chaotic situations.
  • Part 3: Moves & Fakes. Duggan details nine different moves/variations to advance the puck.
  • Part 4: Off-Ice Drills. Duggan shares 23 different drills and skills for puck control and stickhandling that a player can do virtually anywhere - indoors or outdoors!
70 Ultimate Drills and Skills: Stickhandling, Puck Control, Moves & Fakes is a "must-have/must-see" DVD for hockey players and hockey coaches at any level wanting to elevate their individual or team puck skills! (Great for parents too!)

68 minutes. 2005.

3-Zone Face-Offs3-Zone Face-Offs
with Blaise MacDonald, Colby College Head Coach;
former University of Massachusetts Assistant Coach;
former UMASS-Lowell Head Coach

Face-offs are an area of the game that requires dedicated time in every practice.

Blaise MacDonald feels that a team that can win 55 % of the 50-70 face offs that occur in a typical game definitely has the upper hand in the outcome of the game.

Coach MacDonald's five-part presentation features:

  • Technical Skills for the Face off - In this segment, he details 12 specific skills to take into consideration for improving your team's face offs. MacDonald also shares specific in-game coaching tips to put your team in better control of a face-off situation.
  • Defensive Zone Strategies - MacDonald shares five specific face-off plays that are designed to get the puck out of the defensive zone as quickly as possible.
  • Neutral Zone Strategies - See six proven face-off plays diagrammed and demonstrated.
  • Offensive Zone Strategies - MacDonald presents seven successful face offs that cover a variety of game situations.
  • Drills and Skills - MacDonald takes his team through a rapid fire series of the face-offs presented to give you a firsthand look at how he trains face-offs with his team on a daily basis.

In all, you get a total of 18 specific face-off plays, each diagrammed and demonstrated, as well as game and practice strategies that are sure to help your team gain an upper hand in winning the face-off battle over your opponents!

55 minutes. 2010.

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