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The 'Hockey Drills' Bonus Pack

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Gat a package of drills to develop your players' skills and keep your practice "fresh" and fun! We are offering the 'bundle' of these six titles for only $124.89 (Savings of $50.05)!
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The Ultimate Hockey Drill Book, Vol. III

by Richard Trimble

Richard Trimble's The Ultimate Hockey Drill Book, Volume III is an excellent complement to his two previous, popular editions (Volumes I and II), and contains 200 all-new creative, innovative, and diverse drills divided into 9 Chapters. Chapter 1: Warm-ups: Pre-practice, Pre-game & Conditioning. Chapter 2: One-on One Drills of All Shapes and Kinds, Chapter 3: Passing Drills. Chapter 4: Shooting Drills. Chapter 5: Goalie Drills On & Off-Ice. Chapter 6: Skating and Puck Control Drills. Chapter 7: Positional Skills Drills. Chapter 8: Drills for Systems Play. Chapter 9: Off-Ice & Dryland Training. Each drill is diagrammed, identified with the skill to be enhanced, and explained in detail. This is THE new drill book you have been waiting for! (Comb-bound for coaching versatility!)

254 pages. 2004.

Overspeed Skating Drills

with Mark Carlson,
Cedar Rapids Roughriders (USHL) Head Coach; 2005 Clark Cup Champions;
2x U.S. Junior Select Team Head Coach ('08 and '09), Back-to-Back World Junior A Challenge Champions ('08 and '09); 2008-09 United States Olympic Committee Development Coach of the Year

Mark Carlson, the USHL's Coach of the Year in 2004-05, believes that training at an overspeed pace can greatly enhance actual game speed skill execution and in this hockey DVD shares 12 overspeed training drills. Coach Carlson first addresses the topic of overspeed drills on the ice and how they can help the level of performance and defines "overspeed" as executing hockey skills at a quicker pace than normal. Common in all of Carlson's 12 overspeed drills are moving feet, repetition, recovery time and elevated comfort zone. Shadow 1-on-1 is the first drill and challenges one player to mirror the quick turns and moves of his teammate. An advanced drill is the Figure 8 Neutral Zone and ends with a shot on goal. The Half and Full Peanut Drill teaches players to make tight and quick turns. Other drills featured include the Circle, S, Blue/Red Crossover, Dot, 2-0, 3-0 and Forward drills - all challenge players to perform beyond their normal capacity. Each drill is diagrammed and explained by Carlson then shown live on the ice.

46 minutes. 2008.

Breakout Drills

with Mark Carlson,
Cedar Rapids Roughriders (USHL) Head Coach; 2005 Clark Cup Champions;
2x U.S. Junior Select Team Head Coach ('08 and '09), Back-to-Back World Junior A Challenge Champions ('08 and '09); 2008-09 United States Olympic Committee Development Coach of the Year

Breakouts are necessary to create the dangerous 2-on-1 plays. Mark Carlson, the USHL's Coach of the Year in 2004-05, covers the key breakout ingredients - quick, move the puck, timing, talking, read pressure and maintain puck support - in these hockey drills. Details include getting to the puck quickly, check shoulder, not handling the puck, forwards in position and support of the puck. The defense drill uses only the defensemen in a 2-on-2 alignment. The next drill involves one defenseman and one forward and can be run out of both ends. The Mohawk Turn is a skill used in this drill where the player's chest is facing middle rink, ready to receive a pass. Breakout options include adding two defensemen with two forwards at both ends. Other drills focus on support and positioning, reading pressure in the neutral zone and reading pressure in breakouts. These hockey drills are fundamental in nature and rely on many small details to assure execution.

76 minutes. 2008.

Puck Possession: Drills & Strategies

with Mark Carlson,
Cedar Rapids Roughriders (USHL) Head Coach; 2005 Clark Cup Champions;
2x U.S. Junior Select Team Head Coach ('08 and '09), Back-to-Back World Junior A Challenge Champions ('08 and '09); 2008-09 United States Olympic Committee Development Coach of the Year

Puck Possession has become a predominant topic in hockey due to rule changes that greatly restrict players' ability to slow the game. To succeed, teams must put an emphasis on speeding the play.

Mark Carlson, the USHL's Coach of the Year in 2004-05, shares hockey drills and strategies that enhance speed and put a premium on gaining more puck possessions. Coach Carlson feels that there are three keys to puck possession: positioning, support and work ethic and these keys are prominent in the drills that he presents. Each drill and drill variation is diagrammed on a marker board before an on-ice demonstration. Carlson also shares work ethic intangibles for assisting your team to value puck possession, both individually and as a team.

51 minutes. 2008.

Competitive Confined Area Games

with Jim Johnson,
Norfolk Admirals (AHL) Associate Coach,
former Development Coach for the Tampa Bay Lightning;
founder of the U-18 P.F. Chang's Tier I Hockey Organization, former Head Coach of PF Chang the AAA U18 team,
13-year NHL playing career

Teach your players to perform essential hockey skills at high speeds in confined areas.

Jim Johnson, a 13-year veteran of the NHL, believes that presenting competitive play in confined areas in practice will have tremendous carry over into game situations. These games promote problem solving, create a fun atmosphere, encourage creativity, simulate game like situations and provides instructional practice time for problem solving.

Johnson shows you 10 confined area games you can easily implement into your practice. Johnson discusses ways to vary the drills to make them adaptable to any team or situation. Each game has a specific skill theme that include passing, puck protection, breakouts, 2-on-2, 3-on-2, transition, defensive zone coverage, low zone play, 4-on-2, competitive goal tending play and reading and reacting. Johnson diagrams and explains each drill to make implementation simple.

Using these games will enable you to simulate game-like, competitive situations in your practices while maximizing touches for your players!

46 minutes. 2009.

15 High Tempo Practice Drills

with Greg Cronin; Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) Assistant Coach;
former Northeastern University Head Men's Coach
and Sebastian Leplante, Houston Aeros Assistant Coach; and Albie O'Connell, Harvard University Assistant Coach

Improve your team's game-time performance with these up-tempo practice drills.

This DVD presentation includes 15 drills plus variations giving you numerous drills to incorporate into your practices. Coaches O'Connell and Leplante draw up detailed diagrams of each drill followed by video clips of the drills being run in a live Northeastern practice. Pick up key tips as Coach Cronin coaches his athletes through the drills.

These drills work on critical hockey skills and concepts such as driving to the net, rush concepts, cycling, regroups, shot blocking, goalie warmup, tracking the puck, odd man rushes, penalty killing and much more.

Many of these drills simultaneously work on offensive and defensive concepts to provide efficiency in your practice planning.

Give your players the tools they need to be successful in live competition using the drills, concepts and coaching points from Greg Cronin and the Northeastern hockey program.

78 minutes. 2010.

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Ratings & Reviews

The 'Hockey Drills' Bonus Pack
on September 11, 2013
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by CoachNielsen

I didn't purchase these DVD's as a set but I have each of them in my collection. I think the Carlson videos are absolutely the best and you should have them. I use many of the Carlson drills in my weekly practices and believe they have helped me develop my players over the past few years. The small area and high tempo DVD's are excellent as well. As with the Carlson videos I use many of the drills in my practices each week. What I like about these videos is that they are straight up teaching videos. The coaches describe how/why the drill accomplishes a specific skill goal and in the case of the Carlson videos can really be used at all age levels. The drill book is an added bonus. If you don't have any of these videos you should purchase the set, it will be money well spent.

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The 'Hockey Drills' Bonus Pack

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