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In this presentation, you'll learn how to:

  • Pressure opposing defenses and create a lethal offensive attack
  • Play tight around the net and attack quickly from down low and below the goal line
  • Improve your team's ability to get the defense out of position and create good scoring chances
  • Develop a presence in front of the net for beating quality goaltenders
with Blaise MacDonald, Colby College Head Coach;
former Head Coach at UMass-Lowell

It has grown increasingly difficult to score goals against well-trained, highly competitive players. In addition, with improvements in equipment, players are more willing to block shots than ever before. To generate offense, coaches must develop new attacking angles, good spacing and forward thinking players to create good offensive opportunities.

Blaise MacDonald, who has won a national championship as a player and coach, gives you a toolbox of tactics and drills for teaching effective offensive play and strategies for today's game.

You'll get a series of easy-to-teach drills for offensive attack, puck protection and cycling to create dynamic and dangerous scoring opportunities. Coach MacDonald's drills emphasize spacing and puck movement, quick attacks to the net and good front-of-the-net presence. Your athletes will learn to play effectively below the goal line and tight around the net by protecting the puck and attacking quickly and aggressively.

This DVD delivers critical drills for improving offensive play and strategies that will have your team spending more time in the offensive zone rather than the defensive zone.

52 minutes. 2014.

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