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Neutral Zone Regroup Tactics and Options for Quick Offense

Neutral Zone Regroup Tactics and Options for Quick Offense
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  • Learn the 5 key elements of successful neutral zone play for quick transition to offense
  • Discover 8 vital neutral zone habits your players need to be effective
  • Pick up dozens of drills that will turn neutral zone play into scoring chances for your team

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with Blaise MacDonald, Colby College Head Coach;
former University of Massachusetts Assistant Coach;
former UMASS-Lowell Head Coach

and Len Quesnelle;
former University of Massachusetts Assistant Coach

This hockey DVD delivers drills and strategies to catch your opponent out of position, gain control of the puck and enter the offensive zone on the attack and ready to capitalize on scoring opportunities.

Blaise MacDonald and Len Quesnelle walk you through important elements of neutral zone play, diagram a variety of team drills and then run through them on ice with UMass players, giving you everything you need to employ their tactics with your team to gain a quicker transition on offense.

Among the drills diagrammed and demonstrated are a variety of neutral zone regrouping options, face-off tactics, counter-attacks and other tactical skills. The regrouping drills range from simple passing between defensemen, to 5-on-0s, all the way to complex 5-on-5 drills.

The discussion on face-offs includes a variety of tactics and attack options that can be utilized on the offensive and defensive ends of the neutral zone and at center ice. Counter-attack concepts include making the puck work for you, moving the forwards low and slow through the neutral zone and having a quick attack mentality to turn your opponent's mistakes into scoring chances.

All the drills teach the importance of moving with speed through the neutral zone, having proper timing, holding correct positioning, and supporting your teammates. Coaches MacDonald and Quesnelle focus on how you can capitalize when opponents have poor positioning or line changes and thus create scoring opportunities. By employing their tactics your team will put more points on the scoreboard and more notches in the win column.

This video is ideal for coaches of players at the Pee-Wee Level (ages 11-12 years) and older. Aspects of the video are also suitable for AAA and AA designated Squirt Level players (ages 9-10) years.

By employing the neutral zone tactics of UMass Coaches MacDonald and Quesnelle your team will be able to move quickly through the zone and put more points on the scoreboard and more notches in the win column.

102 minutes. 2012.

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Neutral Zone Regroup Tactics and Options for Quick Offense

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