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Forward Stride

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Features & Benefits
  • See a detailed look at the breakdown and progressions for forward stride
  • Demonstration from beginners and experienced skaters
  • A proven drill progression
with Diana Schaefering,
Professional Hockey Skating Coach,
Owner/Director of "Power Play Hockey"

Diana Schaefering begins with discussion of the fact that the forward stride is not a natural motion, but a learned motion. The player uses a minimum amount of movement for maximum levels of efficiency by utilizing a low body position, complete weight transfer, driving through the extension of the push, and making sure of a controlled recovery. In Part 1,The Basic Mechanics, Diana breaks down the forward stride beginning with "ready position," and in Part 2, Body Positioning Drills, Schaefering shares drills that reinforce a proper body position. In Part 3, The Makeup of the Forward Stride, Diana breaks down the forward stride into bending, extending, and recovering. She also presents teaching tips/drills that teach the skater what to "feel for" when doing the skill correctly. In Part 4, Body Control, Diana shares body control specifics to gain efficiency through maximizing drive from the hip. In Part 5, Problem Solving, Schaefering presents common errors with coaching solutions to correct each problem. This exceptional hockey DVD is enhanced with watching Diana work with demonstrators that range in age from elementary through high school.

39 minutes. 2005.

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