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Forward Crossover

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Features & Benefits
  • Master the crossover
  • See a detailed 6-part breakdown of forward crossovers
  • Contains drills for each critical element of the forward crossover
with Diana Schaefering,
Professional Hockey Skating Coach,
Owner/Director of "Power Play Hockey"

In this hockey DVD, Diana Schaefering breaks down forward crossovers into six parts. In Part 1, The Inside Edge, Schaefering shares techniques and drills that enable the player to learn and understand the inside edge. She also offers many tips to detect both proper and improper position of the leg, weight application of the blade and how to identify and repeat the correct "feel." In Part 2, Line of the Cross, Diana works with the actual line, or angle, of the cross. She shares specific techniques and drills that address how upper body control is necessary for a successful crossover. In Part 3, The Crossover Point, Diana teaches how to get a player to crossover at the top of the thigh, including a continued progression that leads a player to the correct feel of the proper crossover point. In Part 4, The Underneath Push, Schaefering finishes the crossover teaching the underneath push. Schaefering then pulls it all together with an overview and drills that incorporate all four parts of the skill into a complete continual flowing crossover. In Part 5, Problem Solving, Diana shares four of the most common problems/errors that she experiences with crossovers and offers a solution to each problem. In Part 6, Living on the Edge, Schaefering offers a bonus of tips, drills and skills to enhance mastery of the crossover.

36 minutes. 2005.

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