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  • Learn drills to teach and reinforce puck control and stick handling
  • See the common errors and corrections for puck control
  • Get progressive drill sequences to reinforce proper technique
with Enrico Blasi,
Miami of Ohio Head Coach;
2009 NCAA National Runner-Up;
2006 National Coach of the Year,
3X CCHA "Coach of the Year"

Stance, hand placement, and proper weight shifting is key to a basic beginning and Enrico Blasi shares a series of excellent hockey drills designed to reinforce them all! The two-hand drill is a basic stick handling drill that is accomplished by rolling the wrist; a progression is the one-hand/two hand drill. Weight shifting is important in the 'short dribbles/wide sweeps' drill. The 'around the world' drill develops the bottom hand as it shifts around the stick. The 'figure eights' drill is similar and demands focus, balance and stick work. Weight shifting and rolling hands are key in the wide sweeps series. Cones can be used on the ice to create excellent drills. Puck handling control is the objective of the straddling the cones drill. Other cone drills include the short dribble/wide sweep drill, head fake drill, tight turns and tight turns box drill. In addition, Coach Blasi shares his key points for puck control and stick handling and the common problems associated with stick handling.

28 minutes. 2007.

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