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Becoming a Champion Hockey Player: Offensive Essentials for Passing, Receiving & Shooting

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Features & Benefits
  • Improve your passing and receiving skills
  • See strategies for all types of shots
  • Build your slap, wrist, snap and backhand shot skills
with Enrico Blasi,
Miami of Ohio Head Coach;
2009 NCAA National Runner-Up;
2006 National Coach of the Year,
3X CCHA "Coach of the Year"

Passing and receiving skills cannot be underestimated and must always be improved upon! When delivering the puck, Enrico Blasi teaches a sweeping motion, with weight shift, and a follow through with the stick. Keeping your head up, hands away from the body and follow through to target are keys to proper passing. Coach Blasi's keys to receiving the puck include transferring weight from front to back, stick on ice to present a target, cushion the pass and soft hands. Keys to the backhand pass include puck in the middle of the blade, sweeping motion to the target and hands away from the body. The flip pass also requires a good follow through. A chopping motion and a short, abbreviated follow through will result in proper flip passing. Blasi demonstrates stationary passing drills such as the forehand pass and the flip pass drill. Other hockey drills include partner passing, follow the pass drill, forward/backward drill, wide and narrow angle passing drill, circle drill, partner cone drill, tight turns box drill, and flip pass drill. Blasi includes keys for the proper slap shot, wrist shot, snap shot and backhand shot, which are also demonstrated in stationary and moving shooting drills.

56 minutes. 2007.

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