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  • See a proven-successful method for in-game play calling for the Wing-T Offense
  • Make game time and half time adjustments a strength for you and your team
  • See how a strong side and quick side to your offensive line can help you call plays
with Paul Ingram,
former Gloucester (MA) High School Head Football Coach;
three Eastern Massachusetts Super Bowl titles and four Northeastern Conference titles

Create a manageable game plan for the Wing-T Offense to answer all critical game situations.

Play calling can be more feel than precision for many coaches. Paul Ingram ran the Wing-T Offense for 25 years going 50-2 in his last four seasons as a football coach. Now Ingram provides you an easy-to-use guide to improve your game planning and play calling when running the Wing-T system.

Coach Ingram breaks down his play calling philosophy by discussing which plays to call. Having too many plays or formations becomes ineffective at some point. Ingram discusses the importance of not overloading your players or coaches. He explains the importance of self-scouting.

You'll see how to set up a game management plan based on your tendencies so you have the answers you need with the defense reacts to specific conflicts. Knowing your own tendencies by down, distance or formation will help you make better decisions when creating your play chart. Ingram provides examples of play charts that will ensure you have all of your plays at your disposal

No phase of the game is left out in this Wing-T DVD. Other areas of focus include:

  • Halftime adjustments - Get an excellent reference to understand how to evaluate your game plan and what adjustments need to be made during halftime.
  • A checklist for scouting an opponent - Be able to identify your opponent's bread and butter plays when they are in a critical down and distance and identify their weakest and strongest players.
  • Physical attributes of your offensive line - Ingram breaks down each offensive line position and what physical characteristics fit each position. This allows you to develop a Quick and Strong side to ensure your lineman are in a position to succeed based on their athletic ability and so you can call plays without reservation.
  • Break down personnel for the skill positions - This helps you understand where to put your best athlete, where to put players with quick feet and where to put players who attack the line of scrimmage.
  • How to select coaches for your special teams.
And more!

Create a winning game plan before you even step onto the field, so you can call plays with confidence!

43 minutes. 2013.

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