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Winning With the Wildcat Offense

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Features & Benefits
  • Coach Bliss has a 121-32 record and four state championships since adding the Wildcat offense
  • Force your opponents to spend more time preparing for your offense
  • Direct snap to your running back and put an extra blocker on the field
with Mark Bliss, Ozark (MO) High School Head Coach;
former Head Coach at Conway Springs (KS) High School where he won four state championships in seven years - including a 62 game winning streak; 2000 National Coach of the Year Finalist.

Learn a series of Wildcat plays that are easy to learn and implement, but difficult to defend. Mark Bliss gives you a comprehensive look at how to run this unique offense and how it can complement your offensive playbook. Bliss shows you how he adapted the Wildcat formation and plays into his single wing concept.

A variation of the single wing formation, the Wildcat can be implemented into any offensive scheme. With a direct snap to the running back, the Wildcat allows you an extra blocker--versus a quarterback hand off--and puts your best players in the backfield.

Using the Wildcat will make your offense harder to prepare for and defend for a several reasons:

  • The use of motion and elements of the reverse
  • An unbalanced formation
  • Misdirection plays
  • Scout defenses will have a hard time duplicating these plays in practice

This offensive formation can be run out of a zone or gap schemes.

Bliss takes you through his offensive playbook featuring instruction on:

  • The Single Wing - Includes both balanced and unbalanced formation.
  • The Hybrid Wildcat - Featuring the run game and play action.
  • The Spread - Includes the quick game, vertical game and screens, as well as the run game.

In the Run Game Overview, you will see each position's responsibilities and their positioning at the line of scrimmage. Bliss uses power point diagrams, an animated playbook and video clips to teach his Wildcat package.

Learn the three key adjustment calls to audible at the line of scrimmage.

You will also get seven diagrammed run plays.

In the pass game overview, Bliss takes you through two of his team's best pass plays.

Your players will like the easy-to-understand concepts and plays, the carryover between the plays, and terminology and cues that are easy to remember.

This offense has been successful for Coach Bliss at different levels of high school football and has led his teams through a 62 game win streak.

The Wildcat will allow you to gain a competitive edge by using your players' strengths in a new offensive look and force your opponents to spend more time preparing for you. No matter what offense you run, you can take the concepts in this DVD and integrate them into your program to create a new offensive threat for your team.

52 minutes. 2010.

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Winning With the Wildcat Offense
on January 28, 2015
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

Well done except the last few minutes you dont change the powerpoint to what the speaker is addressing. Overall a 4.5 out of 5. Great content and Coach speaks very well and informative.

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