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  • Teach your defensive backs how to identify route concepts and read quarterback drops to improve pass coverage
  • Disguise your coverages and confuse offenses
  • Teach your defensive backs how to re-route receivers
  • Diagnose eight common mistakes that defensive backs make in their play and learn how to fix them
with Austin Flynn,
Grand View University Defensive Back Coach,
2013 NAIA National Champions;
2011 Mid-States Football Association Midwest League Champions

In four short years Grand View College implemented a football program, won the MSFA Midwest League Championship and earned a birth in the NAIA football playoffs. Behind this amazing accomplishment is a stubborn pass defense that ended the 2011 season ranked #3 in the nation in NAIA football.

Using the Viking Multiple look secondary you can develop a rock solid pass defense and slow down even the best throwing teams on your schedule. Austin Flynn has put together a very informative and compelling DVD which shows us how to identify, develop and shape your players into a DB force filled with playmakers.

Coach Flynn describes the nine characteristics of a good defensive back, which will help you determine which players posses the traits needed to become a successful defensive back.

You'll also learn:

  • A multiple look secondary that plays mentally and physically tough
  • Not to "take the bait" when playing Cover 3
  • Communication in the secondary is critical and the importance of understanding route concepts
  • When to "play it, and lock it" in Cover 4
Coach Flynn includes the Viking secondary philosophy before discussing Cover 3, Cover 4, Cover 2, and Cover 1 in detail. Alignments and keys are covered in a chalk talk before live footage is shown as Flynn coaches you through each position.

Game footage will give you a clear understanding of where receivers need to be re-directed depending on the formation. The coverages are shown versus Twins, Spread, Trio, Trey, Open, Doubles, and Bunch sets. Learn how to take away 4-verticals, the curl/flat combination, and force offenses to throw the longest, but shortest throw for minimal gains. You will gain a better understanding of how to defend both the run and pass against multiple formations.

A great coaching aide in this presentation is Coach Flynn's list of the eight most common mistakes defensive backs make. This will help you focus on your young players' techniques and establish a learning progression. By understanding these mistakes coaches can design practice plans aimed at reducing them thus developing more effective defensive backs.

This multiple look secondary can be adapted to any defense and is sure to make your secondary a ball hawking nightmare for any offense. Apply this knowledge and watch your DBs become the playmakers on your team.

54 minutes. 2012.

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