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  • Put your athletes in favorable personnel match ups using the tight end
  • See different ways to utilize the tight end in the passing game
  • Tight ends must be able to run block to be effective in the passing game
  • Learn how to best coach this hybrid position
with Joe Rudolph,
University of Wisconsin Associate Head Coach/ Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach

Turn your tight end into an effective run blocker, a fullback or use him as a big receiver to dominate smaller defensive backs.

University of Wisconsin Tight Ends Coach Joe Rudolph shows you how to effectively use your tight ends in the passing game - especially in the shift motion game. The shift motion gives the TE the opportunity to be in a better position to execute a run block or pass route. Rudolph calls the tight end position the Captain of the Shift Motion. He shows you how to use this position to disguise formations to confuse the defense, or put your athletes in favorable personnel match-ups.

A tight end who is a great run blocker will compliment the pass game perfectly. To develop effective blockers, Coach Rudolph breaks down the run blocking fundamentals and shows you three effective drills to dominate the edge. Rudolph concentrates on generating power and exploding into the defender and on body positioning. He shows you how your tight end can play the edge and move the outside pressure in to execute plays and make the offense successful.

Rudolph finishes with a look at getting the ball to the tight end by utilizing different pass routes. Using game footage, he shows you crossing routes that include the mesh route, drive series, power game and vertical game. He also takes you through different dig routes, flat routes, out routes and variations and ways to get your best receivers into open spots on the field. These are the same routes that have helped the Badgers average over 85 catches a year from the TE position over the past four years.

Effectively utilizing your tight end in your passing game will help complement your running game and give you an effective balanced offensive attack.

85 minutes. 2010.

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