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The Triple OptionThe Triple Option
with Chuck Peterson,
former Offensive Coordinator United States Air Force Academy

Coach Peterson begins with the mechanics of both the quarterback and fullback to insure a proper 'mesh' in providing sound ball handling and preventing fumbles. He then goes through the four different reads the quarterback must make in determining whether he keeps the ball or hands it to the fullback. He also goes through the proper reads to determine whether the ball is pitched or not. Coach Peterson breaks down three plays within the Triple Option Series - the inside veer, midline option and a play action package off both running plays. He diagrams and demonstrates each play against both 7-man fronts (i.e. 50, 4-3) and 8-man fronts (i.e. eagle), runs them to both the strong and weak side and from different formations, breaking down responsibilities for each position. To counter the defense, Peterson draws up a play action series for both option plays, including pass protection assignments and pass routes. This is a terrific tape detailing one of the game's most successful offenses.

60 minutes. 2002. ISBN 1-56404-941-8.

Triple Option Drills for Success: Backs & ReceiversTriple Option Drills for Success: Backs & Receivers
with Chuck Peterson, Dean Campbell and Tim Horton,
former Assistant Coaches, US Air Force Academy Football

Coaches Peterson, Campbell, and Horton teach and demonstrate the drills they use to reinforce technique and ensure success in their triple option offense. The drills are broken down into three areas - drills for the quarterback and fullback, drills for the running back, and drills for the receivers. The quarterback and fullback drills cover proper footwork, the pitch, and the four reads the quarterback must make depending on the defensive coverage. Blocking techniques and drills are covered with the running backs and receivers including when and how to use specific blocks depending on defensive coverage. This is an outstanding teaching tape!

54 minutes. 2002. ISBN 1-56404-949-3.

Triple Option Drills for Success: Tight Ends & Offensive LineTriple Option Drills for Success: Tight Ends & Offensive Line
with Dick Enga, former Tight Ends Coach US Air Force Academy
and Ed Warinner, University of Notre Dame Offensive Line Coach;
former Offensive Line Coach, US Air Force Academy

In this video, coaches Dick Enga and Ed Warinner team up to bring you the run blocking techniques and drills that have launched the Air Force Academy into an elite category amongst rushing offenses. This tape begins with Coach Enga and his stable of tight ends demonstrating the stance, releases, and combo blocks the Air Force uses to move the football. Next, Coach Warinner brings on the offensive line and reveals the drills he uses to coach releases, footwork, combo blocks, and double teams. This video is a must if you want to have a power running game!

48 minutes. 2002. ISBN 1-56404-950-7.

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