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The 'Scorched Earth' Spread Attack Passing Game

The 'Scorched Earth' Spread Attack Passing Game
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with Scott Maxfield,
Henderson State University Head Coach

Coach Maxfield presents his passing game philosophy out of the Spread Attack. He concentrates a lot of the presentation on the three-step passing game. This scheme utilizes slide protection with the back coming over the top, which provides several advantages to the offense. The slide protection allows the offense to pick up stunts or twists and provides time for the quarterback to throw while minimizing his hits. From this look Maxfield covers the Hitch, Out, Slant/Bubble, Vertical, Double Slant, Slot Out, Smash, Sluggo, Turn and Inside Receiver Fade routes. Play action pass routes are also a part of the passing package. The 314/315 Cap route and Push Route are play action option plays. To slow down the pass rush, Maxfield uses the screen game, featuring the 33/43 Boy Screen from the 2-step drop. Screens out of the shotgun are the 600/700 series. The best screen, Rambo & Limbo, is called a total screen. A quick throw against a soft corner is the River/Lake play. This DVD concludes with game footage from the Henderson State passing game. The philosophy presented here is about versatility, adjustments and multiple looks and options.

58 minutes. 2006.

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The 'Scorched Earth' Spread Attack Passing Game

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