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The Run-and-Shoot Offense 3-Pack

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  • Improve your Football coaching!
  • Learn from Darrel "Mouse" Davis and Dan Morrison!
  • Take your team to the next level!
  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
Run-and-Shoot Offense: Runs & ScreensRun-and-Shoot Offense: Runs & Screens
with Darrel "Mouse" Davis,
former Portland State University Offensive Coordinator;

Portland State led the nation in passing offense in back-to-back years, averaging 360.9 yards per game in 2007 and 372.2 yards in 2008.

This DVD represents nearly 50 years of experience utilizing the Run-and-Shoot from the legendary "Father" of the Run-and-Shoot, Mouse Davis. The "260" screen pass is a play Coach Davis recommends that all coaches have in their offense. A decisive quarterback who can sell the idea of having the ball keys this screen. To stress the versatility of the play, Davis diagrams the screen play against man and zone defenses. Running it according to the defensive look can maximize the value of the screen. Davis also adds the screen pass to the X and Z to this package to make it an even more dangerous weapon. Also covered are offensive line splits, which will open up the run game when the defense least expects it. Davis diagrams the trap play, another part of the screen scheme, in detail. The option is another tool in this arsenal of offensive weapons known as the Run Shoot. This package includes the screen play against the blitz, man and zone. The versatility of this scheme can be added to an offense in need of more touchdowns. Take a page from Mouse Davis' storied career and consistently get into the end zone.

48 minutes. 2006.

Run-and-Shoot Offense: PassingRun-and-Shoot Offense: Passing
with Darrel "Mouse" Davis,
former Portland State University Offensive Coordinator;

Portland State led the nation in passing offense in back-to-back years, averaging 360.9 yards per game in 2007 and 372.2 yards in 2008.

The "Father" of the Run-and-Shoot, legendary coach Mouse Davis, fully explains and illustrates the entire passing game from the Run-and-Shoot in this outstanding, much-anticipated DVD. The first package presented is one base route that is capable of attacking four different coverages. Included in these plays are secondary routes, which are frequently open. Major emphasis is placed on quarterback footwork. Davis presents a three-step process that develops solid footwork for QBs. Another route package is designed specifically for field marker situations. Each route is diagramed according to field markers. The 90 switch is a yard producing play that is part of the game footage in this presentation. The Choice route can carry over from the switch routes, giving your offense a little different look. Adjustments are made when playing against zone coverage to make these plays successful. Cover 2 zone defense can also be exploited by the passing plays out of the Run-and-Shoot. The quick pass plays are excellent against blitzing defenses also. Davis includes footage to aid in his teaching. The plays, adjustments, and technique presented here can help your offense generate more points in less time.

124 minutes. 2006.

Run-and-Shoot Offense: Shotgun AccuracyRun-and-Shoot Offense: Shotgun Accuracy
with Dan Morrison,
SMU Assistant Head Coach;
former University of Hawaii Quarterback Coach
While at Hawaii, Morrison helped develop NCAA all-time passing leader Timmy Chang and NCAA all-time touchdown pass leader Colt Brennan. In fact, Morrison produced All-Conference performers in five of his nine seasons. During Morrison's nine years as QB Coach at Hawaii, the Warrior offense ranked in the top five nationally in passing each year.

This DVD will explore the potent Shotgun Offense from the quarterback position -- arguably the most essential component to the Run-and-Shoot offense. As the mentor of the NCAA all-time passing leader, Timmy Chang, Coach Morrison has gained acclaim throughout the Western Athletic Conference as one of the leading quarterback coaches in collegiate football. Morrison begins by diagramming two pass routes -- the "Go Route" and the "Choice Route." The quarterback drop and the hip turn are two essential parts of this offense and are both studied extensively in this presentation. The drills and practice section of this DVD includes live footage on the field. Footwork, body position and posture are covered in this segment. The 20 yard drop drill develops footwork, keeping feet active and under the body. Throwing from the knees develops proper and accurate passing skills. The Knee drill strengthens the arm, stomach muscles and is crucial for quarterbacks in this system. Accuracy is the most important skill according to Morrison, followed by strength and footwork and quarterback ball handling. With game footage to enhance the presentation, Morrison shows the routes and teaching points that help the Warriors become one of the best passing programs in the US.

62 minutes. 2006.

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The Run-and-Shoot Offense 3-Pack
on April 12, 2008
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by ChadAshmann508

Excellent foundation to implement an offense. Very adaptable to all levels. I've used this offense at the JV, Varsity (H.S.), College, and Semi-pro level. Thank you Championship Productions, Coach Morrison and Coach "Mouse" Davis!

Definately a 5 STAR product!

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