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The Pistol Wing-T Drills Series

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  • Currently 4.80/5 Stars.
4.80/5 Stars (5 Reviews)
  • Get the most out of every minute of every practice this year
  • Discover a cutting edge offensive scheme that blends the Wing-T with the Pistol formation
  • Install and drill five essential phases for successfully blocking for the Wing-T
  • Teach and drill the proper quarterback mechanics and footwork for the drop back and sprint out passing games
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The Pistol Wing-T Offense: Year-Round Installation & Practice Plans

with Rick Stewart, Delano (CA) High School Head Coach;
former Porterville (CA) High School Head Coach. Took three losing programs to playoffs. Led Porterville to four straight playoff appearances, back-to-back section championship appearances.

Coach Stewart shows you how to install the Pistol Wing-T system starting in the spring and continuing through summer, fall, and into your season. You will quickly see why, despite having many 2-way starters, his teams finish strong each game without ever running sprints during practice.

This DVD shows annual, monthly, and daily practice plans that are discussed thoroughly so that anyone wishing to install and run the Pistol Wing-T can do so in a relatively easy manner.

Background & PhilosophyCoach Stewart evolved the Pistol Wing-T offense after coaching at four different schools. He has coached at the small, agricultural school with 600 students and no weight room, to the large, rural school of 2,000 students, to his current position at a large, inner city school of 2,000.

Stewart took all four of these schools to the playoffs with this offense and without ever coaching a scholarship player! His proven system works at all levels.

Stewart briefly shares the vision, philosophies, and goals he had to instill at all of these losing programs.

Practice Goals & Considerations
This is the "checklist" of goals and expectations of every practice in regards to turnovers, maximum reps, and conditioning with a purpose. Stewart's linear teaching progression is discussed and he shows how to match the technique to the drill to the play call.

Stewart also shows how to correctly balance full contact with no contact drills. Stewart's practice schedules always contain "hidden" individual time that gives position coaches additional time to teach important techniques.

Off-Season & Spring
Stewart shows how to get a jump on your opponents by starting your teaching after school and in the weight room when your players come back from winter break. He then goes through his day-by-day installation sequence during 10 spring practices. Daily practice schedules are shown, in addition to the sequence of motions, formations, and plays that are installed first.

Stewart allows for 12 summer practices which balances the demands of multiple-sport athletes and allows for players and coaches to enjoy their summer break. The installation schedule is continued from the spring with the goal of the entire base offense being installed before August. Stewart also shows how to approach 7 on 7 and summer camps.

Stewart summarizes the individual and group drills that are explained in the other Pistol Wing-T videos, but here he shows when and where the drills are inserted into the practice schedules. He then goes through his twenty August practices and how he re-installs all of the plays but now adds the "wrinkles" such key breakers, blitz pickup, and use of different formations.

At all of Stewart's coaching stops, most of the players and coaches worked during the day, so he shows a unique way of doing "double practices" without having a morning practice.

The Pistol Wing-T is a fast, explosive offense that requires the ball to be snapped within 3 seconds of breaking the huddle. This puts great pressure on the defense to recognize all the different formations that Stewart uses. It is also an offense designed for the 180 pound guard and 140 pound halfback, so quickness and conditioning are very important components to compete against bigger opponents. Stewart is a master at incorporating conditioning into the entire practice and challenges his athletes both physically and mentally.

In-Season and Playoffs
This section shows how to effectively use your time once school has started and how Coach Stewart uses every assistant coach in weekly game plans. Daily practice schedules are shown and discussed. He then shows how he modifies for league and playoffs so that players do not become burned out or over-fatigued, exposing them to late season injury.

Scouting the Opponent
Stewart quickly shows how his entire staff is utilized in off-season, in-season, and game night scouting. He talks about what he looks for in an opponent when devising his weekly game plan and what every coach is looking for as he calls the plays on Friday night.

This video is packed with information and coaching insights. Order now and get plans and ideas for putting in the Pistol Wing-T offense!

74 minutes. 2013.

The Pistol Wing-T: Complete Backfield Drills

with Rick Stewart, Delano (CA) High School Head Coach;
former Porterville (CA) High School Head Coach. Took three losing programs to playoffs. Led Porterville to four straight playoff appearances, back-to-back section championship appearances.

Take your Wing-T offense to a whole new level by implementing the Pistol Wing-T. You get the same devastating misdirection found in the conventional Wing-T, with all of the advantages of putting the quarterback in the gun.

Coach Stewart uses a PowerPoint presentation and live demonstrations to teach you all of the new wrinkles, drills and concepts in the exciting Wing-T Pistol offense. You will see the backfield footwork for all the Wing-T running plays, as well as his newest version of motion that sends the wing behind the QB instead in front of him. This change adds more misdirection to the Pistol Wing-T, which will create hesitation in any defense.

Coach Stewart opens with the Buck Sweep and the 32 G.T. emphasizing that the ball never leaves the quarterback's belly and that the running backs are responsible for all fakes. Next Stewart shows you the 36 Down, Veer and the Counter and how the same steps are used by the QB in all the plays. The Belly Series includes the G, 28 Option, 28 G Belly, 33 Belly GT and the 41 Trap. Stewart uses the Midline and Veer series out of the Pistol to put additional pressure on the defense.

Every day drills are highlighted for each position so that you will have an understanding of specific skills needed to run the offense. Adding plays that require similar footwork for the backfield allows you to efficiently install and practice both traditional Wing-T plays along with outside veer, inside veer and midline. Coach Stewart's drills teach:

    Proper backfield alignment for the quarterback and each running back The backfield footwork and the coaching points to execute the motion properly to ensure the defense cannot key on one playerVarious running back drills that involve blocking and running with the ballHow to fake hand-offs and use deception to your advantageThe "knuckleball" snap that puts the laces into the quarterback's throwing hand for a quick delivery
Practice video is included that shows how Coach Stewart administers each drill and how it is tied to specific plays.

Expertly execute your backfield movements this season with excellent deception and timing!

79 minutes. 2013.

The Pistol Wing-T: Complete Offensive Line Drills

with Rick Stewart, Delano (CA) High School Head Coach;
former Porterville (CA) High School Head Coach. Took three losing programs to playoffs. Led Porterville to four straight playoff appearances, back-to-back section championship appearances.

Rick Stewart does a superb job of teaching coaches how to improve offensive line performance for the Pistol Wing-T. Coach Stewart walks through each blocking technique and then uses practice video to show how he administers each technique using heavy bags.

Stewart shows how to create proper first-step mechanics in your linemen. He preaches the power step and getting the second step on the ground before contact so your linemen can elevate defenders on their third step. His sled progression includes the 1,2,3-Down-Pull & Trap before he finishes with the Sled Drive.

Hand shields are used to simulate the more realistic block on a moving target. The use of double team and combo blocking is shown as well as the Belly Drill. A group work time allows players to work together on all types of combination blocks needed in the Wing-T.

Stewart designs each drill so linemen can respond to both odd and even defensive fronts. He diagrams each technique, drill and play so that players are prepared each week for their next opponent.

For smaller schools he shows how to use half line drills so that you can get every play installed with fewer players.

This is a comprehensive offensive line video that will assist coaches at both the middle school and high school levels.

94 minutes. 2013.

The Pistol Wing-T: Complete Passing Game Drills

with Rick Stewart, Delano (CA) High School Head Coach;
former Porterville (CA) High School Head Coach. Took three losing programs to playoffs. Led Porterville to four straight playoff appearances, back-to-back section championship appearances.

Rick Stewart uses simple but effective processes for improving quarterback play and his overall passing game.

QB Drills
Coach Stewart provides over 20 drills for you to use to help improve quarterback play in the Pistol Wing-T system. He covers mechanics, pass play footwork, run play footwork and option footwork. Also included are sprint passing techniques, so coaches can improve their play action passing game.

In the Pistol, the quarterback is three yards from the line of scrimmage, so the 1-, 3- and 5-step drops are modified. Stewart explains how and where the quarterback needs to be based on these modifications. He also shows a highly effective approach to finding the open receiver and explains how to teach the quarterback to read defenses.

WR Drills
Coach Stewart's wide receivers drills are a must for any coach who works with receivers. The receiver section contains 15+ drills. The blocking session shows you how receivers stalk and crack. The 2,4,6 and 9 cone drill for receivers is one of the best set of drills a coach can use to work on cuts, chattering down on breaks, and catching the ball.

Stewart does a tremendous job explaining each drill with PowerPoint and practice video.

Group Drills, Simulation Drills, Screen Game, Practice Schedule
In the last section of the video, Coach Stewart gives you quarterback and wide receiver group drills, simulation drills, the screen game and practice schedule. The simulation drill allows quarterbacks to see where receivers will be at end of their routes and where the open windows will be. You'll also learn to execute eight screen plays with just three blocking schemes.

Coaches will find these drills for mechanics and footwork highly effective easy to install into their daily practice schedule.

69 minutes. 2013.

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Ratings & Reviews

The Pistol Wing-T Drills Series
on July 14, 2014
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Coach Veilleux

Coach Stewart''s videos have been amazing in helping us to implement the Pistol Wing-T offense across our whole program (Pee Wee through High School). Coach Stewart does a great job breaking down the various parts of the offense and goes into great detail explaining the various plays, skills and drills needed to run this offense. The best part is Coach Stewart makes his contact information available and once the videos have been purchased will answer any questions coaches have as well as send you some additional material. Coach Stewart goes above and beyond when it comes to helping other coaches out. Thanks Coach!

Was this review helpful? Yes No
The Pistol Wing-T Drills Series
on March 1, 2014
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by Anonymous

These training DVD'S were great and I would've given it 5 stars except for this; We're switching from a spread (85% pass 15% run) to a more run heavy attack. We graduated a 2,500+ yard passer and his back up and the kids coming up from our JV are good but not great passers! But both are very good playmakers and thus the interest in this offense! The problem is we don't use tight ends and these DVD'S don't give you very much Info on how to train tight ends.

1 of 2 people found this review helpful.Was this review helpful? Yes No
The Pistol Wing-T Drills Series
on July 19, 2013
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by PaloqueNicolas303

Series of very detailed dvd. Suitable for young players and coaches beginners. all areas of the game are discussed in a simple manner with effective and easy to install drills and do not necessarily require a lot of equipment. All videos are between one hour and one hour and a half and all make the connection between them. probably the best series of DVDs addressing the hybrid pistol wing-t. In addition, the head coach is listening to you on order to elaborate the game system

3 of 4 people found this review helpful.Was this review helpful? Yes No
The Pistol Wing-T Drills Series
on February 20, 2013
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by desertstorm988

This is the second set of DVDs from Coach Stewart I've purchased, along with his original set and his O-Line technique drills from Porterville, and these DVDs absolutely blew me away. This shouldn’t be a surprise either considering how many different programs he’s turned around in his career. For you old Wing-T guys, the WR, OL, and Practice Plan DVDs are excellent additions to your library, regardless of whether you intend to switch to a Pistol alignment. Stewart's Odd/Even, Simulation, Half Line, and Fool Me Drills are worth their weight in gold, and stay true to the Racehorse philosophy you see the old-school guys like Creehan advocate. In fact, several of these drills are modified--and I think better--versions of the drills Creehan lays out in his Racehorce Practice Drills booklet. I was impressed most by how committed Coach Stewart was to demanding maximum reps out of every drill, even after only a few months of working with the kids at Fresno HS. He even tells you how to buy and set up equipment you might need on a budget! It also sounds like the best investment for your program this spring and summer might be shields, heavies, and balls—and lots of them! The OL drill video is 2 hours long and is outstanding in terms of developing a progression for your lineman to drill and execute down, pull, reach and other blocks you need for the offense—again, it doesn’t matter what your QB’s alignment is. And the Backfield DVD is great if you’re indeed serious about making the switch to the Pistol as it discusses the snap and backfield steps you’ll need from your F, H, Z and QB to time everything up right. It also goes through several of the plays from Pistol in a progression from Bird Dog to half speed, to full speed, giving your guys a better idea of the timing necessary for executing Buck Sweep, Down/Belly, Jet/Rocket, and the complement plays. My only complaint (and it’s a really small one) is that a lot more of what Coach Stewart mentions on his videos, particularly on the Practice Planning and OL videos, seems to be tucked away in his Installation Manual on his own personal coaching site, which is another $50-60. Like I said though, that’s only a relatively minor issue considering how broad and deep he was on all of these videos, not only in terms of content covered but with clarity on the PowerPoints and the on-field drills. And if you’re purchasing this set, you might as well invest in a resource like the Installation Manual to get the full details. In summary, like his last set of videos, I can’t recommend these highly enough to anyone running the Wing-T. These videos are excellent for anyone looking at getting the most out of their practices, whether they’re new to the Wing-T, running it under center or switching to a Pistol look. I know I can’t wait to incorporate these drills in the Spring for my receivers, and the JV team when I get them in the summer. Keep up the great work Coach!

4 of 5 people found this review helpful.Was this review helpful? Yes No
The Pistol Wing-T Drills Series
on February 4, 2013
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by footballcoach1896

Just got done watching all 4 videos and all I can say is WOW! Every video is over an hour long and the O-line video is 2 hours so I felt like I got my money's worth. Stewart explains every drill and where it fits in the practice plan using powerpoint and then takes you to the field and you see the players doing the drill on the practice field. There has to be over 100 drills and all I kept thinking was: "These drills can be used by any offense". I emailed Coach Stewart and he responded within the hour with answers to my questions and even provided me with the powerpoints that go with the videos. Best videos I have ever bought from Championship.

6 of 7 people found this review helpful.Was this review helpful? Yes No
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The Pistol Wing-T Drills Series

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