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Features & Benefits
  • Give your linemen the tools they need to succeed on game day
  • Improve leverage against a defender, blocking reads and pulling skills
  • Get the essentials on post and kick footwork, punch techniques, and push and pull recover skills
with Anthony Pratley,
former Concordia University (Ann Arbor) Offensive Coordinator;
innovator of the Pistol Spread Option Offense

Perfect your offensive line's blocking capabilities so your offense can move the football down the field.

Anthony Pratley, known nation-wide as the founder of the Pistol Spread Option offense, and Andrew Fretz, Concordia's Offensive Line Coach, demonstrate 13 offensive line drills that Concordia uses during practice to perfect the run and pass blocking in the Pistol Spread Option Offense.

This presentation is delivered in two parts: run blocking and pass blocking. Each on-field section starts with the basics of stance, hand placement and initial movements, and then progresses into drills specifically created to develop the skill set for the Pistol Spread Option.

While designed for the Pistol Spread, the drills and skills presented are relevant for any offensive formation and very effective for any Spread Option offense, like the Pistol.

Run Blocking
Pratley demonstrates six run blocking drills that will help your linemen maintain a balanced "Z" frame, perfect the "boom boom" step rhythm, improve their leverage against a defender, sharpen blocking reads, attack the second level, learn line calls to improve blocking angles and enhance pulling skills.

Pass Blocking
Pratley's pass blocking drills cover the correct pass blocking position, post and kick footwork, punch techniques and push and pull recover skills. He emphasizes the Perfect Pass Pro Protection position for pass blockers so they are in a "perfect" balanced position to block attacking pass rushers. Using these techniques, your offensive linemen will learn to properly protect your quarterback against defenders who use push and pull techniques.

Anthony Pratley's Offensive Line Drills and Skills are designed to improve your offensive lineman's run and pass blocking techniques. These 13 simple but effective blocking drills highlight a number of practice situations to get the best out of your o-line.

Order now and develop your offensive linemen into better run and pass blockers!

38 minutes. 2011.

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