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The Kansas State Attacking Eagle Two-Pack

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Kansas State's Eagle Man SecondaryKansas State's Eagle Man Secondary
with Bob Elliott,
San Diego State University Assistant Head Coach / Defensive Coordinator
former Kansas State University Co-Defensive Coordinator, Secondary Coach

One of the most respected secondary coaches nationally gives a detailed account of Kansas State's Eagle man-free secondary scheme. This comprehensive video covers the calls, alignments, stances, keys and reads and responsibilities of each position in the secondary. Run game responsibilities are covered including the crucial reads for each position against either a full or split flow. Pass coverage responsibilities are covered for each secondary position in addition to the linebackers. Coach Elliott also covers the reads and responsibilities to adjust against various formations such as two backs and tight ends, one back and two tight ends and formations that include some form of motion. Coach Elliott walks you through the various run and pass coverage schemes.

50 minutes. 2003.

Kansas State's Attacking Eagle Front 5-2 DefenseKansas State's Attacking Eagle Front 5-2 Defense
with Bob Elliott,
San Diego State University Defensive Coordinator;
Joe Bob Clements,
University of Kansas Defensive Line Coach;
and Bret Bielema,
Wisconsin University Head Coach;
all former members of the Kansas State University Coaching staff

Kansas State has consistently been one of the premier defensive programs nationally and this video details a key scheme contributing to that success. Coaches Elliott, Bielema and Clements demonstrate in-depth Kansas State's Attacking Eagle Front 5-2 defense, where eight men can be brought into the box including the front seven and a safety. This video focuses on the defensive line and linebackers detailing the calls, alignments, stances, keys and reads, and responsibilities of each position. Schemes are diagrammed to defend both the strong side and weak side "iso" and "power o" running plays. Game footage is provided where the coaches detail each scheme.

55 minutes. 2003.

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The Kansas State Attacking Eagle Two-Pack
on November 25, 2012
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

Great videos, used this defense as the basis behind the first year of being defneisve cord at high school leve. Team improve from giving up the previous 3 years 31,27,39 ppg to 19.7 in my first year. Great explanations, eats up I-Formation and 2-back sets. Did not give explanation of alignments vs. spread or option teams. Overall great starter to build around.

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