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The Four Vertical Spread Passing Game

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with Bill Lynch,
DePauw University Head Coach, former Indiana University Head Coach

Coach Lynch's goal is to push the ball down the field with this consistent spread offense. In this excellent USA Coaches Clinic presentation, Lynch focuses on receivers, patterns and proven offensive concepts. This passing attack is an important feature of the Hoosier offense, where the quarterback is in the shotgun 75 percent of the time. This is a "concept" passing game where pass patterns are made up of individual routes. When teaching routes, the emphasis is placed on routes on air, one-on-one routes, and building up to 7-on-7. Lynch covers two basic alignments - the 3 x 1 and 2 x 2. The 3 x 1 alignment creates single coverage situations with the team's best receiver on the backside. Also, it allows for flood patterns on the 3-man side. In this alignment, hitting the under following a look off is a key. Quarterback looks are bender to the under. A special 3rd down weapon is a comeback route called Robbie 69 X Squirrel. The 2 x 2 alignment is a balanced look that creates opportunities to run mirrored patterns on each side, and utilizes the "check with me" system. The 2 x 2 also lends itself to no huddle and hurry up offense. Lynch uses videotape clips to demonstrate LOU 69 "Viking," where X and Y are put into the boundary. The value of the 9 route is stressed daily by Lynch at Indiana. Another look is Robbie 59 "Viking." Quarterback reads include going outside if the safety sits on the hash and working the bender side against two safeties. Staying with the same concept, Robbie 59 X gives the quarterback the option to change the play by changing letters. This DVD concludes with Big 10 game footage, illustrating the offense and featured plays. The 4 vertical spread offense can help coaches add variety to their offensive attack and maintain balance at the same time.

40 minutes. 2006.

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