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  • See practice and game footage to help guide implementation
  • Includes essential drills for each position
  • Detailed blocking assignments versus a variety of defensive fronts
with Kevin Swartwood,
Buhach Colony (CA) High School

Coach Swartwood teaches a simple and effective way to install the inside running game for the Fly Offense. A large part of his success with the Fly Offense has come from the inside run game. Swartwood covers six inside running plays in great detail. Each play is based off the Fly Sweep taught in The Fly Offense: Basics for Success. The Fly Sweep gets the linebackers flowing horizontally instead of upfield, which opens the field for the inside run game. The seven plays are taught in a series of three steps. Swartwood diagrams the play on a markerboard, then he details the play on the video board showing position-by-position responsibilities, and then the use of game footage shows you the play being executed from a sideline and end zone view. The six inside run plays in this instructional football DVD are "go call", trap, lead, belly, gut and counter. Swart also discusses multiple variations off each play. This is are great compliment to The Fly Offense: Basics for Success.64 minutes. 64 minutes. 2009.

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