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with Hank Schrader,
Bellevue (WA) High School Defensive Coordinator

As both an offensive and defensive coordinator, Coach Schrader has seen strategies from both sides of the ball. In this DVD, Schrader shares his ideas on building a winning offensive attack. This presentation is divided into four areas; Offensive strategy, running attack, passing attack and how to develop an offensive game plan. Offensive strategy is based on balance, diversity, flexibility and deceptiveness. Five offensive styles are presented. The running attack is broken down into three areas: type of attack, developing the attack and running strategy. Schrader challenges the coach's thinking with his "12 Critical Questions to Develop your Running Attack." The Passing Attack includes components, developing the attack and passing strategy. The "12 Critical Questions to Develop your Passing Attack" are explained in detail. Passing strategies by down and distance and by zone are covered. Nine steps to develop your game plan is a detailed look at offensive preparation. Opponent and self-scouting, film sessions and game preparation are all covered in detail. This is an excellent template for any coach who is serious about developing a successful offensive football program.

47 minutes. 2006.

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