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with Hank Schrader,
Bellevue (WA) High School Defensive Coordinator

Coach Schrader's coaching experience includes stops in Wisconsin, Texas and now in the state of Washington. As the Defensive Coordinator in 2001 for Bellevue High School, his leadership helped bring home a state football championship. In this DVD, Schrader shares his ideas on building a winning defensive attack. Schrader's presentation is divided into three areas: Defensive principles, designing a dynamic defense and components of a good defensive game plan. The three main defensive principles are effective alignment, getting players into the correct areas of offensive attack and techniques used to maximize their ability. Eight elements are included in the "Style of Play" section. Each of these can have an impact on the style of play that a coach chooses. "Winning the Ground War" is a major emphasis when building a dynamic defense. The next elements are proper alignment, gap responsibility and playing together as a unit. "Nine Tips for a Sound Defense" establishes the keys to defensive success. The eight steps to design a defensive game plan are also highlighted. Schrader shares his actual game plan and each of the sections that make up his plan.

39 minute. 2006.

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