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Steve Sarkisian: Tagging Your Run Game with Perimeter Screens

Steve Sarkisian: Tagging Your Run Game with Perimeter Screens
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  • Currently 5.00/5 Stars.
5.00/5 Stars (1 Review)

  • Learn how to create high percentage throws and fewer interceptions by tagging your run plays with perimeter screens
  • Learn how to stretch a defense with the screen game out of an unbalanced formation
  • Learn how to incorporate "now routes" when defenses begin to press to take away the one step pass
  • Learn how bunch sets and stack sets can negate a defenses ability to defend bubble screens

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with Steve Sarkisian, USC Head Coach

Steve Sarkisian has successfully developed an extremely difficult-to-defend perimeter passing game. In this presentation, he takes you through his coaching and team philosophy as well as his perimeter passing game. It doesn't matter if you're a pro-style offense or a spread concept team, you can use this attack to stretch the field and get the ball in open space to your playmakers.

Coach Sarkisian uses game footage to explain his multiple screen packages. First, he demonstrates how to count numbers in the perimeter screen game. Tags are used to create two plays in one that allow the play to be successful regardless of the defensive alignment. Coach Sarkisian shows you an easy system to tag your run game and help your offensive production by taking advantage of what the defense is giving you. The run game is tagged with the single receiver routes to get the ball to your playmakers . When the defense wants to take away your perimeter screen game, convert your screen to a single receiver route to take advantage of the press defense. Coach Sarkisian shows how easy it is for the offense to have great execution because the same blocking scheme is used regardless of which play is being run.

The perimeter screen is shown tagged with the "slick" route, the hitch, fade, Y arrow, the quick game as well as play action to make it incredibly difficult for the defense to read your offense. All perimeter plays discussed in the presentation give the QB a run pass option. If your quarterback is not a great runner, Coach Sarkisian shows you how to tag the zone read with the perimeter screen. He talks about these perimeter-passing tags both in and out of the red zone and with or without motion. In addition, he explores screens built into the quick passing game as options.

You'll also hear Coach Sarkisian discuss his coaching philosophy for his team. He explains the dynamic we face in today's coaching world. The ability to develop mental toughness is a key for success for every team. Being able to have your team mentally prepared leads to success on the field.

The perimeter screen package can be adapted to any offensive scheme and coaches at all levels can benefit from the information in this dynamic presentation. Get your athletes into space this season with this perimeter passing game DVD.

Produced at the 2014 Dallas/Fort Worth Red River Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

59 minutes. 2014.

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Ratings & Reviews

Steve Sarkisian: Tagging Your Run Game with Perimeter Screens
on August 4, 2014
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

Normally, most DVD''s and football literature are not good. Even a lot of Championship Productions or coaches choice stuff isn''t that good. This DVD is PHENOMENAL! I am a triple option guy and wouldn''t ever run the spread, but the principles, adjustments, variations that UW ran this year is such great, great, great stuff. There are a lot of "spread" guys who talk about bubbles and all of that. Most "spread" guys are not very detailed and do a bad job of explaining what they are trying to do. Steve Sarkisian does a great job explaining everything in this DVD. Obviously, these schemes are not new. The past 4 years many college football teams have been doing this. To put into perspective how good this is. Offenses have been pounding defenses the past four years with this stuff. Baylor, Oregon, ext. There is a reason. They attack the field 53 1/3rd yards wide and 30-40 yards deep every play. Offenses have been on a historic run the past couple years. This run has been so historic, that a long time "pro-style" coach (Steve Sarkisian) completely changed his philosophy. Watch out for this scheme with a top 5 talent pool at USC.

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Steve Sarkisian: Tagging Your Run Game with Perimeter Screens

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