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Slowing Down the Rush

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with Nick Quartaro,
North Texas State University Assistant Head Coach;
former University of Kansas Defensive Coordinator

former University of Kansas Offensive Coordinator

As a former Big 12 offensive coordinator, Coach Quarto knows the value of keeping the defense honest. The goal is to take the heat off offensive lineman and the quarterback. By designing an offense with these goals in mind, a coach can allow his offense an excellent chance to be successful. Quartaro designs and explains in detail four effective, time-tested plays that can yield big results against aggressive defenses. The Shovel play, the Slip screen, the Influence Trap, and the classic Sprint Draw will allow any offense to slow the rush. In detail, Coach "Q" diagrams each play, and compliments each with position-by-position responsibilities and blocking schemes. Each play is capped off with actual game footage against some of America's best defenses. The Shovel is perfect for a team that throws the drop back pass. This play hits inside to take advantage of hard pass rush and quick drop linebackers. Best run out of the open set, the Shovel can be sold out of the shotgun. Next is the Slip screen, built off of slide protection. This quick inside screen takes advantage of an attacking defensive end. The Influence Trap is the third play detailed and can be run from under center and in the shotgun. Its main job is to slow down the inside rushers. Coach "Q" uses game footage to clearly show the classic Sprint Draw play. This play utilizes turn protection and requires the fullback or tight end to kick out the C gap defender. Each of these plays, used strategically during a game, can provide great protection for your quarterback and increase your offensive productivity. Each play can benefit the coach who faces aggressive, rushing defenses and can produce big yards throughout the game. Use each of them to keep the defense honest and march up the field.

49 minutes. 2006.

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