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Shotgun Wing-T Offense 3-Pack

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Features & Benefits
  • Improve your Football coaching!
  • Learn from Greg Wallace!
  • Take your team to the next level!
  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
How to Run the Shotgun Wing-T OffenseHow to Run the Shotgun Wing-T Offense
with Greg Wallace,
former Grinnell College Head Football Coach
and Jeff Pedersen,
Grinnell Head Football Coach

The Shotgun Wing-T has become the fastest growing offense in the country. In this outstanding DVD, Grinnell coaches Greg Wallace and Jeff Pedersen discuss the benefits and how you can implement this offense into your program! While most offenses rely on a traditional, strong-armed quarterback to be successful, the Shotgun Wing-T focuses on the teams' best athletes. Flexibility is a feature of the Wing-T as described by six basic formations that can be used. During the presentation, Coaches Wallace and Pedersen clearly describe alignments, the best types of players to put at each position, blocking schemes, and reads that enable success year in and out. Special emphasis is given to teaching the T alignment and how fundamentally important it is to teach it in early practices. Wallace gives great insight into blocking and the snap, two cornerstones of the Wing-T. This detailed and insightful look at the Shotgun Wing-T will put you on the path to winning football.

44 minutes. 2006.

The Shotgun Wing-T Offense: Running GameThe Shotgun Wing-T Offense: Running Game
with Greg Wallace,
former Grinnell College Head Football Coach
and Jeff Pedersen,
Grinnell Head Football Coach

Consistently producing rushing yards is yet another benefit of the Wing-T offense. In this excellent DVD, Coaches Wallace and Pedersen use diagrams and game footage to illustrate and teach this exciting brand of football. This presentation details blocking techniques for the offensive line and the skill position players. Wallace and Pedersen highlight three staple plays of their Wing-T running game: Tailback Sweep, Quarterback Sweep and the Counter Trey Option. For each play they diagram the formation alignment, blocking schemes and fundamentals, and reads. To add flexibility to the package, they include variations, fakes, and misdirection. This DVD dives into such critical areas as timing, spacing, and reads for the quarterbacks and running backs. In addition, Coach Pedersen shares secrets for disguising plays utilizing fakes and misdirection to help balance the attack. Once diagrammed on the board, game footage delivers a valuable illustration of these three prominent running plays. This DVD is a must for any coach wanting to implement the Shotgun Wing-T into your offensive system!

41 minutes. 2006.

The Shotgun Wing-T Offense: Passing GameThe Shotgun Wing-T Offense: Passing Game
with Greg Wallace,
former Grinnell College Head Football Coach
and Jeff Pedersen,
Grinnell Head Football Coach

A dangerous passing attack adds to the versatility of the popular Shotgun Wing-T offense. Coaches Wallace and Pedersen break down their passing attack using game footage and marker board presentations. Special emphasis is given to the 3-step, 5-step and the roll out passing game. Wallace details the blocking schemes of each while Pedersen explains the passing routes. The 3-step attack relies on a picket fence approach to protect the passer as well as down the seam and outside passing attacks. The 5-step attack focuses on the Dig Post route, a randomly used big play option. The third option, the roll out passing game, gives quarterbacks great flexibility - allowing them to break containment to their advantage. Picket fence blocking and the smash route for receivers make the roll out a valuable offensive option. Two trick plays, the waggle screen and the sweep reverse, are also highlighted. Throughout the DVD emphasis is given to quarterback footwork, technique and the importance of making reads. The options provided in the Wing-T Passing Attack will make any offense a threat to score on every play!

55 minutes. 2006.

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Ratings & Reviews

Shotgun Wing-T Offense 3-Pack
on February 13, 2011
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by GregMoody944

Maybe more on field demos than film footage and some more info on the spreads of the other backs besides the QB and TB and on the split ends. After chalk talk think about doing the demo on the field.

3 of 3 people found this review helpful.Was this review helpful? Yes No
Shotgun Wing-T Offense 3-Pack
on September 23, 2007
by DonJacobs523

Explains an effective system, but takes the FB out of the equation. If you have a fast QB, and no quality FB, then this series will get you yards.

8 of 8 people found this review helpful.Was this review helpful? Yes No
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