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  • Expand your playbook and make your offense more effective without forcing your players to learn new plays
  • Stay one step ahead of evolving defenses with this hybrid of the double wing offense
  • Force the defense to stop an expanded passing game out of the double wing
with Tim Murphy, Clayton Valley (CA) High School Head Coach; 2012 Division II North Coast CIF Champions; In 2012 ranked first in the state of California (DII) in scoring (54 ppg); total yards (over 500 ypg) and rushing (over 400 ypg); During his 13 years of running the Double Wing Offense, Murphy has won four CIF titles, 10 league championships and has been ranked in the Top 50 in the nation three times!

Tim Murphy has a long history of creating great running football teams. As defenses have evolved, he has fine tuned the double wing to ensure success. Murphy has added the shotgun to the double wing and given the quarterback both passing and zone read options.

Defenders are now tasked with stopping a devastating run game and an expanded passing game.

Coach Murphy gives you a comprehensive look at the essentials you need to understand and run the shotgun double wing as your offense. He discusses the philosophy behind the system, describes the key traits that make each position in the offense successful, and how to identify the best player suited for each position. You will learn where to put your most athletic kid, your biggest kid, smallest kid, weakest kid and most athletic linemen.

As a dynamic offense, you must be able to show different offensive sets. Coach Murphy delivers eight formations off of his base set which will allow you to transition from one set to the next and stress the defense to the point of failure. He shows you the Pro, Twins, Trips, Ram, Lion, Over, Under, and Eagle, which is his direct snap to the tailback formation. Expand your playbook and make your offense more effective without forcing your players to learn new plays.

A simple numbering system is explained that coaches can easily incorporate in their offense. Coach Murphy discusses key indicators that need to be watched and identified during games such as whether defenders are penetrators or readers. He then spends time explaining how he attacks different defenses, and he discusses what defenses might do to stop the double wing.

Coach Murphy goes into detail about the execution of the 14 different blocks that are vital to the success of the offense. He uses a dry erase board to help explain the different blocks that each lineman needs to execute, and has each block named so that a player knows exactly how to execute it. You will learn blocking techniques such as the Skip Block, which is the newest and latest technique used by NFL teams, the Tunnel Block, Down and Wheel Block, Log Block, Post Block, and Reach Block.

He explains how assistant coaches are an integral part of his play calling process and how to use them to the team's advantage. You'll also see practice footage to gain an understanding of how Coach Murphy practices his offense.

Stay one step ahead of evolving defenses with the Shotgun Double Wing Offense!

47 minutes. 2013.

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Shotgun Double Wing Offense: Essentials for Success
on January 4, 2013
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by ajrussojr

I have been running Coach Murphy's Double Wing Offensive System since 2008. I can't wait to install the Shotgun Double Wing for this upcoming season. Coach Murphy's Shotgun DW video series is a "Must Have" for any coach either looking to add something new to their existing system or for a new coach looking for an offensive system that is explosive and simple in its technique. Each of these videos take you through a whiteboard session of the formation and plays vs. odd and even fronts as well as practice footage of his team running the plays from both sideline and endzone angles. These videos are right up there with Murph's other videos and I rate them an A++. Great job coach.

A.J. Russo, Jr.
Ventnor Pirates

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