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Run-and-Shoot Offense: Passing

Run-and-Shoot Offense: Passing
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with Darrel "Mouse" Davis,
former Portland State University Offensive Coordinator;

Portland State led the nation in passing offense in back-to-back years, averaging 360.9 yards per game in 2007 and 372.2 yards in 2008.

The "Father" of the Run-and-Shoot, legendary coach Mouse Davis, fully explains and illustrates the entire passing game from the Run-and-Shoot in this outstanding, much-anticipated DVD. The first package presented is one base route that is capable of attacking four different coverages. Included in these plays are secondary routes, which are frequently open. Major emphasis is placed on quarterback footwork. Davis presents a three-step process that develops solid footwork for QBs. Another route package is designed specifically for field marker situations. Each route is diagramed according to field markers. The 90 switch is a yard producing play that is part of the game footage in this presentation. The Choice route can carry over from the switch routes, giving your offense a little different look. Adjustments are made when playing against zone coverage to make these plays successful. Cover 2 zone defense can also be exploited by the passing plays out of the Run-and-Shoot. The quick pass plays are excellent against blitzing defenses also. Davis includes footage to aid in his teaching. The plays, adjustments, and technique presented here can help your offense generate more points in less time.

124 minutes. 2006.

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Run-and-Shoot Offense: Passing
on December 15, 2013
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
3/5 Stars

by JeremyArnold513

Davis gives a good overview of the core routes, reads, and adjustments in the offense, but without drills or explanations on how they teach the techniques, it just skims the surface. For a series about the whole offense, he spends 2 minutes out of a 124 minute video on pass protection. All he really does there is say what he *calls* the pass protections, that they have a call in case there are 2 potential rushers backside, and tells where the FB goes on one of them. He doesn't bother breaking down what these calls actually are or how they work, who blocks who in each protection, or how the protections tie in with the QB's drop. It's like watching a coaching DVD on a zone read running game that doesn't cover zone blocking. I've heard that Run and Shoot coaches have been extremely cagey about their pass protection since the early 90s and all their famous struggles vs. zone blitzes, but still...the total glossing over of pass protection in a DVD on a passing offense is a horrible oversight. I hope the other 2 volumes in the series address this issue, but I have my doubts. This is a good introduction for someone with no knowledge of the offense who wants to get started. However, do NOT buy this DVD thinking it'll tell you enough to install the run and shoot passing offense successfully.

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Run-and-Shoot Offense: Passing

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