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  • Force the defense to defend as much of the field as possible
  • Learn drills for maximizing practice time, learning reads and routes and perfecting timing
  • Prepare your quarterbacks for difficult game situations
with Paul Chryst, University of Wisconsin Head Coach;
former Unviersity of Pittsburgh Head Coach;
former University of Wisconsin Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach, helped guide Wisconsin to the #5 scoring offense in the country in 2010.

This DVD provides a progression of strategies and drills you can use to improve your offensive schemes, efficiently install pass plays and train your quarterbacks read and react to what the defense throws at him.

Paul Chryst reveals Wisconsin's offensive strategy for attacking the whole field. Using game clips, Coach Chryst describes the importance of packaging run and pass plays out of one formation. These strategies can be applied to any offensive formation.

Chryst delivers an 8-step progression he uses to effectively and efficiently install pass plays. This progression will:Give your players visual and verbal coaching points to enhance learning. Provide helpful tips on presenting plays in a group setting and to quarterbacks. Provide drills for maximizing practice time, learning reads and routes and perfecting timing. A simple to complex progression so your players can master one concept before moving to the next.

Use these drills to simulate difficult situations your quarterbacks will face during games: Avoiding the rush, throwing on the run, and setting and throwing with defenders lunging at your legs. These drills are designed to improve your quarterback's mobility and his ability to make plays under pressure.

Coach Chryst gives you a proven foundation to improve your offense and develop confident quarterbacks.

52 minutes. 2010.

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