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Offensive Line Run Game Fundamental Drills and Techniques

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with J.B. Grimes, Auburn University Offensive Line Coach;
former University of Kansas Offensive Line Coach;
former Mississippi State University Offensive Line Coach

Coach JB Grimes delivers a "coaching from the ground up" message in this excellent clinic presentation on Offensive Line play. His teaching centers on the idea that players must get their feet in the right place before anything else. A master of focusing on little things, Coach Grimes is relentless about his daily commitment to demanding that the "little things" (stance, toe to heel stagger, proper weight shift, placement, loading the hands) are done correctly. Also part of Grimes' offensive line philosophy centers on the proper execution of steps off the line. These one step explosions are crucial for successful line play! Using practice footage, Coach Grimes explains the finger step, the angle step, the combo step, the lateral step, the half-bucket step, the "Look Around" technique, the Pull technique, and finally, a hybrid step called the Cangle step. In terms of run game emphasis, Coach Grimes believes that "low pad" wins. He teaches his players to get their pad under the pad of the opponent. Run game drills include board and chutes, Form & Fit, Form Fit & Follow, Race, and the tough drill. With the 5-man sled, drills include Two Step Explosion and the Form, Fit & Follow Drive drill. Maintain & Sustain is a buddy drill that also is used by Coach Grimes. To clearly illustrate offensive line technique, Coach Grimes makes excellent use of practice and game footage. This offensive line package is full of tips, techniques, and coaching points for all football coaches.

65 minutes. 2006.

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Offensive Line Run Game Fundamental Drills and Techniques
on September 19, 2011
  • Currently 2/5 Stars.
2/5 Stars

by Anonymous

There is not a lot of visual drills here. A lot of video of Grimes talking but I think he is assuming everyone is coaching at higher levels. There is very little video on drills which makes the title misleading. For me, who is just learning O-line, I had to scrap it and order another DVD.

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