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  • Discover an innovative screen game that gets the ball into your playmakers' hands no matter what defense you are facing
  • Get game film analysis of 25 different screens and draws
  • Learn screen plays that provide false reads to create defensive flow away from the play, which frees up space for huge gains
  • Discover screen pass strategies in the red zone to enhance your goal line package
with Kevin Kelley, Pulaski Academy (AR) Head Coach;
2014 Class 5A Arkansas State Champions;
During a 12-year span (through 2014), Kelley's teams have gone 138-19-1, won four state titles and appeared in six state championship games.

Kevin Kelley is known nationally for taking calculated risks on fourth down and in the kicking game, but it is his offensive production that truly separates his program from others. Kelley has put together an offensive scheme that has averaged 500 yards of offense every Friday night. That number has been maintained through an incredible eight year run in which his team has been to the state championship game four times, winning twice.

Coach Kelly truly spreads the field and uses a no-back formation 25 percent of the time. So the need for a quality screen package is essential in his offense. This is not your standard fast and middle screen approach to attacking the defense. This screen package can be run from multiple formations (two back, four back, empty, quads, trips and doubles), with motion off of a jet sweep look, from sprint outs and can even be thrown to the quarterback.

Coach Kelley introduces his screen and draw philosophies before getting into the variety of schemes he utilizes. He runs screens with running backs, wide receivers and the quarterback, and out of a number of formations and motions.

The running back screen is broken into different categories. There are misdirection screens, play action screens, quarterback screens, sprint out screens, and many others. Coach Kelley covers the rules to each screen and the many looks each can be run from.

The wide receiver screen is either run from the inside out, outside in or run from position. The inside out screens are the bubble screens and motion to bubble. The outside in screens are the tunnel and middle screens. The other set of receiver screens have the receiver running from position. Again Coach Kelley thoroughly shows how each of these screens are executed and blocked using video cut ups.

While the screen game is a staple in Kelley's offense, the draw game is used sparingly. Kelley shows how to use the draw out of an empty backfield and the advantages that affords his offense. The "Drop Draw" gives the illusion of a pass to the defense as the quarterback flips the ball to the running back to attack the middle of the line. The "Quarterback Draw" and "Sweep Draw" round out the Bruin draw package.

vA dynamic offense has balance and with this video you can provide needed balance to your offense and create big problems for defenses year after year.

65 minutes. 2014.

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Multiple Formation Screens and Draws
on February 19, 2016
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Hooah

Wanted to add a few more screens to my playbook. Probably the best DVD I have bought from here. Would recommend for anyone wanting to add more to the screens.

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Multiple Formation Screens and Draws
on June 19, 2014
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by rdf

Very helpful use of video showing how defenses can be attacked using many types of screens.

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