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Lew Johnston: Spread Shotgun Wing-T Offensive System

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Features & Benefits
  • Take advantage of defenses who are packing the box to stop your Wing-T
  • Take advantage of the weakest defender
  • Effectively run the football out of the shotgun formation
Installing the Spread Shotgun Wing-T OffenseInstalling the Spread Shotgun Wing-T Offense
with Lew Johnston,
former Western Branch HS (VA) Head Coach,
4x District Champions, 4x Time District "Coach of the Year"

Coach Johnston's "Spread Shotgun Wing-T Offense" uses the same principles and schemes as the regular Wing-T, making it easy to install and run. It also gives you the flexibility to take advantage of defenses packing the box, to change tempo by going "no huddle" or to utilize a great passing quarterback.

Defenses are starting to become all too familiar with the regular Wing-T, so the "Spread Shotgun Wing-T" can be used to throw your opponent a "change-up," as well as forcing them to prepare for two different packages.

Johnston walks you through the alignment and splits of every player and teaches you how to call and receive plays from the sideline. Johnston specifically outlines the pre-snap reads that will determine the most successful play to run from the Shotgun Wing-T package.

Coaches, with this football DVD, you can add an explosive new element to your offense without giving up the basic principles of your regular Wing-T Offense.

47 minutes. 2005.

The Spread Shotgun Wing-T Offense: Passing GameThe Spread Shotgun Wing-T Offense: Passing Game
with Lew Johnston,
former Western Branch HS (VA) Head Coach,
4x District Champions, 4x Time District "Coach of the Year"

This effective, easy-to-learn offense is the perfect weapon for any coach who is looking for a more effective way to attack defenses! Coach Johnston gives a detailed marker board presentation and reinforces it with extensive game footage on The Spread Shotgun Wing-T passing game. Johnston demonstrates three different passing series that has been successful with his teams: Quick fire (three plays), straight drop (eight plays) and the play-action (two plays). Johnston breaks down the patterns and blocking schemes for every play against even and odd fronts. He details the pre-snap reads and what specific things they look for to most effectively attack the defense, such as: Finding the weakest defender, hot reads, finding the MLB and adjusting patterns to beat the coverage. This is an excellent "insider's school" into an effective, easy-to-learn offense.

50 minutes. 2005.

The Spread Shotgun Wing-T Offense: Running GameThe Spread Shotgun Wing-T Offense: Running Game
with Lew Johnston,
former Western Branch HS (VA) Head Coach,
4x District Champions, 4x Time District "Coach of the Year"

Utilizing The Spread Shotgun Wing-T Offense opens up the defense and allows for big gains.

Lew Johnston (whose coaching accolades using this offense include posting a 32 regular-season game-winning streak) teaches you how to implement an effective running game into the highly explosive Spread Shotgun Wing-T Offense.

Using game film and extensive marker board discussion, Johnston highlights seven key plays: HB Power, FB Lead, FB Trap, QB Trap, Spinner Sweep, QB Sweep and QB Draw. He also diagrams the blocking assignments and reads versus both even and odd fronts.

To simplify his offense, Johnston maintains a consistent blocking scheme for all of the plays. Johnston emphasizes essential coaching points and shares some of his personal observations and suggestions to further your understanding of and success with this explosive offense.

This offense is a must for your football playbook.

46 minutes. 2005.

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