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Joe Woodley's Viking 33 Defense Series

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Features & Benefits
  • Easily adjust to the variety of offenses you will face this season
  • Discover a defense that will stifle your opponents' running game
  • Teach your defensive backs how to identify route concepts and read quarterback drops to improve pass coverage
Viking 33 Defense: Concepts & StrategiesViking 33 Defense: Concepts & Strategies
with Joe Woodley,
Grand View University Defensive Coordinator;
2013 NAIA National Champions;
2011 Mid-States Football Association Midwest League Champions; 2009 Mid-States Football Association Assistant Coach of the Year

Joe Woodley's Viking 33 Defense has helped Grand View football grow from a start-up program to an NAIA playoff contender in just four years. The Grand View Defense has averaged as low as 14.7 points per game (2010), 245 total yards per game (2011), 91.0 rush yards allowed per game (2011), and 132.9 pass yards per game (2010). By adding that to the impressive 81 turnovers in the past three years, Coach Woodley's philosophy and scheme are adding up to success for the Vikings.

This instructional football DVD gives insight into the Grand View defense. Coach Woodley begins by sharing a variety of reasons why he made the transition to the 3-3 defense, which include adding more speed on the field, being able to adapt to what other teams do more easily, and simply having more LB/DB types of players available to play defense. Woodley then describes the body types and skill sets they are looking for at each position. From the nose tackles to the safeties, physical attributes combined with the correct position will lend itself to a highly effective defense.

Before Coach Woodley explains any of the specifics of the Viking Defense, he discusses the key points of their defensive philosophy. Woodley discusses mental toughness briefly and then lists the five things a Viking player must know before each play.

Woodley covers the three most important areas of his defense: Tackling, Turnovers and Third Downs. Tackling fundamentals are shared along with how they are implemented into each practice. Woodley shares his Turnover Circuit that develops ball hawking skills to help immobilize high octane offenses.

You'll then see 12, 3rd down specific plays run every day to prepare for success on Saturdays. The ability to defend different third down scenarios will instill confidence in your defense during critical game time situations.

Finally, Coach Woodley shares five focal points of what the Grand View 3-3 is all about before sharing the six base fronts the Vikings carry into each game. The staff uses these fronts interchangeably against various styles of offense including the Spread, Pro Style and Triple Option. Woodley concludes by sharing some key statistics that back up the improvement and rationale behind running this defense at Grand View.

Coach Woodley shows how the 3-3 has improved the Grand View football team, and shares many other coaching points that will improve your defense.

45 minutes. 2012.

Viking 33 Defense: Four-Man PressuresViking 33 Defense: Four-Man Pressures
with Joe Woodley,
Grand View University Defensive Coordinator;
2013 NAIA National Champions;
2011 Mid-States Football Association Midwest League Champions; 2009 Mid-States Football Association Assistant Coach of the Year

Create confusion on the offensive line with Joe Woodley's Viking 4-man pressure package from the 3-3-5 defense. Coach Woodley shows you how he operates the Grand View 3-3 defense with a focus on how a fourth man can be used to create extra pressure on the offense while maintaining gap integrity.

Learn how you can use movement prior to the snap to disrupt blocking schemes and free up linebackers to make plays. See how to use common, four-man defensive line stunts to cause confusion for the offensive line and keep the offense guessing.

Woodley offers six pressures that can be used against the strong and weak side of an offense, and he details each position's responsibilities and what type of player you want at each position. Woodley takes you through the Mike, Snatch, Sail, Viking, Pirate/Hook, Tango/Waldo blitz packages. By exchanging gaps you can blitz linebackers and bring immediate pressure during both run and pass situations. Inserting a linebacker will allow you to bring pressure without showing where the fourth defender will come from.

Each stunt is drawn up for you in a classroom setting and then presented using game footage with Woodley explaining proper techniques and coaching points and showing how players fit in each of the pressure calls. He breaks down multiple plays and you get a tremendous learning tool with the use of both wide and tight camera views. You will be able to take this information to the field immediately.

In conclusion, Woodley discusses the importance of using his base defensive alignments, Strong, Weak, and Open to complete the defensive package and tie everything together.

Make your defense intimidate and confuse everyone on your schedule by implementing the Viking pressure scheme.

77 minutes. 2012.

Viking 33 Defense: Multiple Look SecondaryViking 33 Defense: Multiple Look Secondary
with Austin Flynn,
Grand View University Defensive Back Coach,
2013 NAIA National Champions;
2011 Mid-States Football Association Midwest League Champions

In four short years Grand View College implemented a football program, won the MSFA Midwest League Championship and earned a birth in the NAIA football playoffs. Behind this amazing accomplishment is a stubborn pass defense that ended the 2011 season ranked #3 in the nation in NAIA football.

Using the Viking Multiple look secondary you can develop a rock solid pass defense and slow down even the best throwing teams on your schedule. Austin Flynn has put together a very informative and compelling DVD which shows us how to identify, develop and shape your players into a DB force filled with playmakers.

Coach Flynn describes the nine characteristics of a good defensive back, which will help you determine which players posses the traits needed to become a successful defensive back.

You'll also learn:

  • A multiple look secondary that plays mentally and physically tough
  • Not to "take the bait" when playing Cover 3
  • Communication in the secondary is critical and the importance of understanding route concepts
  • When to "play it, and lock it" in Cover 4
Coach Flynn includes the Viking secondary philosophy before discussing Cover 3, Cover 4, Cover 2, and Cover 1 in detail. Alignments and keys are covered in a chalk talk before live footage is shown as Flynn coaches you through each position.

Game footage will give you a clear understanding of where receivers need to be re-directed depending on the formation. The coverages are shown versus Twins, Spread, Trio, Trey, Open, Doubles, and Bunch sets. Learn how to take away 4-verticals, the curl/flat combination, and force offenses to throw the longest, but shortest throw for minimal gains. You will gain a better understanding of how to defend both the run and pass against multiple formations.

A great coaching aide in this presentation is Coach Flynn's list of the eight most common mistakes defensive backs make. This will help you focus on your young players' techniques and establish a learning progression. By understanding these mistakes coaches can design practice plans aimed at reducing them thus developing more effective defensive backs.

This multiple look secondary can be adapted to any defense and is sure to make your secondary a ball hawking nightmare for any offense. Apply this knowledge and watch your DBs become the playmakers on your team.

54 minutes. 2012.

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Ratings & Reviews

Joe Woodley's Viking 33 Defense Series
on September 22, 2014
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by Anonymous

Just finished watching this series and found it to be very useful in helping me and my staff learn some new wrinkles to the 33. Thanks,

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Joe Woodley's Viking 33 Defense Series
on May 1, 2012
  • Currently 2/5 Stars.
2/5 Stars

by Coach Ed

Poorly done. It does not really talk about the 33 but talks about their other fronts. They also waste time talking about other things that make for a great defense. But dicussing the 33 defense no good. donot buy tapes and waste your money like I did.

Championship Productions replies:
Coach, Please review our return policy. You may be able to make an exchange for something that better meets your needs. Feel free to call us if you need recommendations. --Championship Productions

2 of 3 people found this review helpful.Was this review helpful? Yes No
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