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Jerry Campbell: Coaching Youth Football Series

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Coaching Youth Football: Defensive Line BasicsCoaching Youth Football: Defensive Line Basics
with Jerry Campbell,
Head Football Coach, Clovis (CA) High School

Coach Campbell teaches all of the fundamentals necessary to develop phenomenal defensive lineman whether they are in "Pop Warner"/youth league football or suiting up for a varsity program! He begins by covering the responsibilities of shaded defensive lineman and works into the responsibilities of defensive lineman that play head up on the offensive lineman. Coach Campbell teaches drills to fight reach block, mirror steps, pass rush moves, chase drills, pursuit drills, and front and back door responsibilities. As a bonus, Campbell covers linebacker reads, responsibilities and techniques versus dive, iso, power and toss plays for both the play-side and backside linebackers. By teaching the four S's, stay technique, slow technique, scrape technique, and the speed technique linebackers are in perfect position to defend the four plays mentioned above. He also covers many different ways to quiz your players on their responsibilities against different plays and situations. Excellent instruction!

34 minutes. 2005.

Coaching Youth Football: Stance FundamentalsCoaching Youth Football: Stance Fundamentals
with Jerry Campbell,
Head Football Coach, Clovis (CA) High School

Everything on the football field begins with a player's stance. Being able to move off the ball in any direction is vital to the success of a football team. Coach Jerry Campbell has over 27 years of coaching experience from youth to colligate levels and over this time has became one of the most respected football coaches in the nation. In this video he will give practical advice and proven drills to develop the proper stance for each position. In Stance Fundamentals Coach Campbell will teach you the importance of proper stance and demonstrate the proper stances for offensive linemen, quarterbacks, receivers, running backs, linebackers and defensive backs. He also covers proper two point stances for running backs and linebackers. Campbell demonstrates the difference between three and four point stances for defensive linemen. Each position stance is broken down with multiple teaching points to ensure your young players are in stances they can move quickly out of. This is a must have video for any coach working with the development of player stances.

34 minutes. 2005.

Coaching Youth Football: Offensive Line BasicsCoaching Youth Football: Offensive Line Basics
with Jerry Campbell,
Head Football Coach, Clovis (CA) High School

Coach Campbell covers all of the essentials to develop quality offensive lineman, starting from the proper stance and working through the proper footwork to run and pass block. Each section of the video is clearly detailed beginning with getting into the proper stance and working into coming out of a stance and finishing the block down field. Coach Campbell does an outstanding job demonstrating and explaining proper footwork of run and pass blocking along with showing drills such as the duck walk, flat step, get it big, and explode and L step to help your players grasp footwork concepts. Combo blocking for the run and pass are demonstrated with an emphasis put on identifying and picking up linebackers. Line splits and various alignments are demonstrated. Excellent instruction from one of the top FB clinicians and teachers in the game today!

37 minutes. 2005.

Coaching Youth Football: Installing the 50 DefenseCoaching Youth Football: Installing the 50 Defense
with Jerry Campbell,
former Head Football Coach, Clovis (CA) High School

This video is essential for youth coaches who may need a refresher on various 50 defenses or anyone who is new coaching defense. Coach Campbell works with 7, 8, and 9 year olds in this video to demonstrate the simplicity of installing the multiple 50 defense. The multiple 50 defense takes advantage of young quarterbacks who do not have the mechanics or throwing accuracy to beat you solely by throwing the ball. By putting seven and eight players in the box you force teams to throw long to beat you while you put your players in great position to defend the run. Beginning with the 52 defense, Coach Campbell covers player responsibilities and how to attack offenses with various blitzes. He then moves to the 53 defense, 62 defense, and finally demonstrates the 7 diamond. Coach Campbell also installs cover zero, cover 2 and cover 3 to each defense. Excellent instruction!

30 minutes. 2005.

Coaching Youth Football: Installing the OptionCoaching Youth Football: Installing the Option
with Jerry Campbell,
Head Football Coach, Clovis (CA) High School

Everything you need to know about installing the option game into your offense is included in this video! Coach Campbell teaches the midline option, veer option and load option. Knowing these three different types of option gives your team a great play against any defense. Run the midline option if the opponent puts a player in a three technique, the veer option if a defensive player is in a five technique, and run the load option against nine techniques. Coach Campbell goes over each option in great detail. Every position is walked through from the tailback steps to the offensive line combo blocking schemes. Campbell also demonstrates how the quarterback should make the option play call at the line of scrimmage. This puts the defense at a distinct disadvantage by always having the wrong defense called. Excellent instruction that is applicable for any level football team from one of the top FB clinicians and teachers in the game today!

32 minutes. 2005.

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