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Installing the Hybrid Pistol Wing-T

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by Jerry Campbell,
Clovis West (CA) High School Football Coach

Installing The Pistol Hybrid Wing-T is an innovative combination of the Wing-T mixed with the Pistol concepts made popular by the University of Nevada. The Pistol Hybrid Wing-T offense features an extensive running game built around Wing-T concepts that also features the option game, dropback, sprintout, and play action passing game. The Hybrid Pistol Wing-T manual also gives you the concept for installing a fast past no huddle offense with codes and player wrist band construction. This manual features 150+ pages of information.

163 pages. 2011.

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Installing the Hybrid Pistol Wing-T
on January 5, 2013
  • Currently 1/5 Stars.
1/5 Stars

by footballcoach1896

This book is NOT wing T, has lots of typos, and is hard to read the book is not broken into chapters. It also looks many sections have been copied & pasted from other books because the terminology-explanations do are not consistent.

The first 37 pages are terminology and stance that you would find in a youth football book. Then there is a section on blocking that describes base & zone techniques..which is hardly used in Wing T. there is 1 page on "Gap-Down-Backer", but 4 pages on double teams, and another 4 pages on guts & folds. Auther never says if the guts & folds are used playside or backside.

Good section (14 pages) on Midline & Veer...but Buck (2 pages) is drawn wrong, same with Guard Trap (2 pages). Belly has "skull" & "valley" rules...which are never explained in anywhere in the manual. There is NO Tackle Trap or Down. Jet has TB lead blocking for sweep back, which is impossible because the TB can never get in front of the fly sweeper from his stance 2 yards behind the QB.

There is a play called blast where the TE blocks down on a 7 tech, backside guard kicks out OLB, but the lead blocking TB and ball carrier go up inside the B gap, so the 7 tech being blocked down is pushed into the ball carrier!

There is NO section explaining the footwork in the backfield, no practice plans, no installation schedule.

In the passing section, the HB always goes vertical, even on Belly pass (instead of in the flats like in the Wing T). No smash routes, flood routes, stick concepts. 5 of the 20 pages is Waggle.

I googled the author, he went 1-19 as a head coach and is now a JV coach at a school that is running shotgun Wing T. I sent the book back and will find an author who actually runs the Pistol Wing T at his school.

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