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  • Quickly align your 3-5 defense with any offensive formation
  • Learn a simple system of rules to get your players into the correct position
  • Create blocking breakdowns and coverage misreads
featuring Stephen Crounse,
Patuxent HS (MD) Head Coach;
2007 and 2008 Southern Maryland Athletic Conference Champions!

Create blocking breakdowns and coverage misreads with Stephen Crounse's compelling version of the 3-5-3 Defense. Using simple movements based on offensive formations, Crounse's defense morphs into a 3-4, 5-2, and at times a 4-3 look all anchored in the 3-5-3.

In this football DVD, Crounse covers the base alignment of the 3-5-3. He works into the defensive fronts and the coverages that his teams use with great success. He then shows five defensive fronts in detail: Okie, Okie Tough, Steeler, Bear and Miami.

The base coverages paired with these fronts include Cover 3, Cover 2, Cover 1 and match up zone vs. empty sets. These coverages follow a match-up zone with man principle philosophy to match-up with the strength of the offense's formation.

You can have defensive success without prototypical defensive players. This defense is perfect for any coach who has a lot of athletes (or "tweeners") but not the typical-sized linemen, linebackers and defensive backs. And it's very effective. Since installing the 3-5-3, Patuxent (MD) is 29-7. Install the 3-5-3 today!

45 minutes. 2009.

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