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Winning the Mental Game of Football
by Dr. Rick McGuire, Director of Sport Psychology for the University of Missouri;
Graduate Professor of Sport Psychology;
former Head Track & Field Coach at the University of Missouri;
founder and former chairman of the USA Track & Field Sport Psychology program

Building Your Best FOCUS for Winning Football!

All Coaches want their players to show up on "Game Day" totally FOCUSED, ready to deliver their very BEST PERFORMANCE! Being able to FOCUS, and then totally RE-FOCUS is a vital key to great performance, great achievement, and protecting the opportunity to celebrate great wins! It is so easy to understand the need for FOCUS. Yet for many Coaches and players, to be able to achieve FOCUS or to teach others how to FOCUS is an elusive mystery!

Rick McGuire, a 30 year NCAA Division 1 Coach and nationally recognized leader in Applied Sport Psychology, provides clear and concise ideas and understandings that will guide Football Coaches at all levels in teaching their athletes the SKILL of FOCUS! These will include:

  • FOCUS is a skill. FOCUS is a Sports Skill. Like all skills, FOCUS can be taught and learned!
  • The Foundation for FOCUS in Football
  • The 5 Key Skills to FOCUS in Football
  • Taking FOCUS to the Football Field
  • How and when to use the FOCUS skills
  • How to be totally FOCUSED, and the to be REFOCUSED for the next play ... EVERY PLAY
Every coach wants their players to have the understandings and the skills presented here in From the Whistle to the Snap! Let Coach McGuire help you understand how you can build FOCUS with your team and staff.

"The understandings and skills that are included in From the Whistle to the Snap are used by our players and coaches at every workout, every practice, every day!"
Gary Pinkel, University of Missouri Tigers Head Football Coach

68 pages. 2012.

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From the Whistle to the Snap
on April 12, 2012
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by MA

From the Whistle to the Snap by Dr. Rick McGuire ("Coach" as he is affectionately known) is a user-friendly, highly valuable addition to both the football and sport psychology libraries. Coach understands coaches and presents the material in a way that is immediately usable and ready to implement into practice and training sessions. Having worked as a sport psychologist for football teams at the high school, NCAA, and NFL levels I can confidently recommend this book as a meaningful guide to teaching football players how to better focus and perform at their best!

Mark Aoyagi, Ph.D.
University of Denver
Director of Sport and Performance Psychology
iPerformance Consultants

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