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  • Use a variety of formations, but run the same routes
  • Learn how to adjust your routes in the red zone
  • Develop your quarterback's ability to read the defense and go through the route progressions based on the coverage
with Justin Fowler,
Hanford West High School (CA) Head Coach;

Get eight universal passing concepts against any defensive coverage in the Fast Paced No Huddle Spread Offense 5-Step Passing Game.

Justin Fowler takes the no huddle spread passing game to another level with this DVD. Through the use of illustrations, white board diagrams and game footage, he breaks every play down by position. He explains the technique used by each position versus different coverages.

Pass protection is explained against both even and odd fronts and includes the tailbacks' blocking responsibilities and technique for interior linemen.

Fowler lays out his Smash concepts and demonstrates how you can place defenses in conflict. Option routes designed to high/low defenders and place them in conflict is an integral part of the passing game. Coaching tips for quarterbacks are provided to help them influence defenders.

Coach Fowler explains how receivers can get proper separation between defenders and how this opens up passing lanes and creates an easy read for the quarterback.

Coaches currently running hybrid offenses will find Coach Fowler's DVD set the perfect transition plan to no huddle spread offense. .

57 minutes. 2012.

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