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"Dressed Up" Passing Concepts

"Dressed Up" Passing Concepts
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with Nick Quartaro,
North Texas State University Assistant Head Coach;
former University of Kansas Defensive Coordinator

former University of Kansas Offensive Coordinator

Coach Quartaro presents pass game concepts "dressed up differently." This multi-media presentation combines discussion, live Q & A, play diagrams on overhead and video footage to drive home the topic. Quartaro shares pass situations from the Kansas spread, a high percentage 3-step drop from the shotgun with a one-back set. Making the defense play the width of the field is a focus for the Jayhawk offense. In this presentation successful 5-step vertical passing concepts are discussed along with complimentary adjustments that create problems for defenses. The traditional hitch/corner read is taken from square one on pre-snap reads, 'which receiver has leverage on the safety," and progression once the ball is snapped. Complimenting that is the ability to tweak the concept with a post route when defenses overplay the corner routes. The four vertical concept is discussed with landmarks and coaching points versus one and two safety looks. Change-ups that present a three vertical and shallow combination read along with interjecting a "switch" concept off of play-action that creates four verticals are also detailed. Coaches who desire a few new interesting "wrinkles" for their passing attack will benefit from Coach Quartaro's presentation.

36 minutes. 2006.

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"Dressed Up" Passing Concepts

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